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Monthly Reports from 2015

Monthly report - June 2015

The report for June describes our work with the girls at Quisqui. It also includes volunteer stories.

Monthly report - April 2015

The report for April includes three volunteer stories that mention the work done at the Human Rights placement in Argentina.

Monthly report - February 2015

This month’s report includes three volunteer stories and highlights three ongoing projects our volunteers have contributed toward.

Monthly report - January 2015

During the month of January we welcomed lawyer, Armando Acosta Lera, to the Human Rights office. Armando will facilitate all the work done by Human Rights volunteers in Argentina. In this report you will find two reports written by our volunteers who participated during the month of January.

Monthly Reports from 2014

Monthly report - December 2014

This month’s report highlights one of our most successful campaigns. The HIV campaign was aimed at building awareness among homeless people in Cordoba..

Monthly report - October - November 2014

This month’s report highlights the work volunteers have done on the Law & Human Rights project. They share their experiences and give you an insight into the day-to-day activities.

Monthly report - August - September 2014

This month the collaboration between Projects Abroad and the NGO Basta De Trata focused on the preparation of a presentation about human trafficking and especially labour human trafficking, for a group of immigrants who have come to Argentina looking for a job and in general better living conditions.

Monthly report - July 2014

This month, activities in CeCam were very successful. We started out with job training, then switched our main topic to sexual education. In general, only a few girls have been in the facility at a time.

Monthly report - June 2014

Over the last month the Law & Human Rights Office has seen many changes in regard to the way in which we work with the homeless population Cordoba. As was written in May's newsletter, last month the Law & Human Rights volunteers, along with Martin and Victoria, had a meeting with the Government.

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