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Volunteers donate new classroom in Nepal

New classroom opening

When they arrived at their placement at Snowland Ranag School in Kathmandu Niamh Creed, Nicole Von Kaenael and Tamara Wood were shocked that some of the children were being taught lessons in the dining area and even in the playground. The school, which was founded by two Buddhist monks is run as a charity and focuses on children who wouldn’t normally be able to afford an education. The numbers have quickly swollen from 14 to 110 children and now there is not enough room in the classrooms for everyone.

The children were not being taught in a suitable environment so they became easily distracted and their education was clearly suffering. Niamh, Nicole and Tamara agreed that something had to be done and decided to donate a classroom. They also oversaw the construction, helped with the painting of the exterior and interior of the building, painted the desks and benches and decorated the classroom with pictures of animals and flowers.

Nicole, Tamara and Niamh

The official opening ceremony took place last week, marked by the traditional ribbon cutting, speeches by the volunteers and Assistant Principal, Pema Tsering and a party for all involved. In his speech, Mr Tsering thanked the volunteers, “Thank you Niamh, Nicole and Tammy, you don't know how much of a difference this new classroom makes for the students and staff at Snowland”

If like Niamh, Nicole and Tamara you’d like to teach or work with disadvantaged children in Nepal check out our Destination Nepal page.



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