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Veterinary Medicine Internships in Sri Lanka

  • Placement locations: Kuliyapitiya
  • Role: To assist with the treatment, care, and rescue of domestic and farm animals
  • Requirements: None
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

Projects Abroad Veterinary Medicine interns watch a Sri Lankan vet treat an injured dog at an animal clinic.

Interning with Projects Abroad on the Veterinary Medicine program in Sri Lanka gives you the chance to gain practical experience working directly with animals. Whether you are a student building a resume for veterinary medicine school, an undergraduate, graduate, or simply a passionate animal lover, you can participate in our Veterinary Medicine internship.

In Sri Lanka, you will work at various government and private animal clinics, where you will gain a wide range of useful skills working with both domestic pets and farm animals.

Interning on the Veterinary Medicine Project in Sri Lanka

Projects Abroad Veterinary Medicine intern helps treat an injured dog at a Sri Lankan animal clinic.

We work with a variety of placements, all based in Kuliyapitiya. You can choose to be placed at either a government or private animal clinic.

The government-run veterinary clinics provide free treatment to animals, and you will find that these facilities are basic compared to North America and Europe. Here, you will work under the supervision of qualified local vets and after observing the staff for two to three days, you will have the opportunity to assist with minor procedures.

Only domestic animals are treated at the government clinics. To treat larger farm animals, such as cattle, goats, and pigs, vets travel to the farms themselves. In these cases, you will accompany them on field visits and may be able to assist with animal handling, disease identification, pregnancy diagnosis, vaccinations, and learn about animal husbandry.

Interns working at the government clinics typically work from 8am to 1pm.

At the private veterinary clinics, which are owned and run by qualified local vets, the facilities available are of a higher standard than the government clinics. The private clinics treat domestic animals such as cats and dogs and are open from 8am to 2pm, and then from 6pm to 9pm (often for surgeries). During your time at this placement, you will work under the supervision of a local vet.

The amount of practical work allocated to you at either placement will depend on your individual level of knowledge and experience.

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