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College and University Thesis or Dissertation Research Overseas with Projects Abroad

A Projects Abroad Medicine intern tests samples at a medical facility in Tanzania, Africa.

The Dissertation Program with Projects Abroad is designed for undergraduates researching their final-year dissertations or theses.

This program takes advantage of the experience and expertise of members of our staff in supervising this type of work, in particular our Director Dr. Peter Slowe – a former Geography professor.

We can help you prepare a detailed research plan in conjunction with your thesis advisor, and we sort out your practical requirements in the field, in advance.

Researching your dissertation or thesis overseas offers academic and personal benefits:

  1. Academically, you can present an original item of study
  2. On a personal front, you broaden your horizons by gaining insight into a new country and culture.

A Projects Abroad Conservation volunteer conducts bird research at Barra Honda National Park in Costa Rica.

You will find that local people at your chosen destination will generally be happy to help participate in questionnaires and interviews. If necessary, we can provide a translator.

Projects Abroad staff will help you with all the practicalities necessary to conduct your research, including setting up meetings, organizing transportation and planning interviews. We also help you to remain in contact with your Canadian and UK supervisory staff throughout your placement.

Previous volunteers have carried out research in geography, biology, zoology, tourism, sociology, music, development studies and many other subjects. Contact us with your preliminary ideas and we will work with you to find a suitable area of study. You can also combine your dissertation with work on one of our other overseas voluntary work projects.

Previous Volunteers’ Experiences of Dissertation Research Abroad

“The research I carried out and the information I obtained has been very fruitful. The period of four weeks was ideal for my fieldwork - interviews, questionnaires (with the help of an interpreter, I completed eighty), government agency visits and University visits. One of my lifelong ambitions had been to go to a tropical African country and do some form of research that would enable me to experience a different culture and do some work that would benefit a rural community. Actually making it happen has been fantastic.”

Madeleine Gear
Dissertation Research in Ghana
“Travel has always been of immense appeal to me so when it came to the time to choose my dissertation title for my Geography degree, my first thought was where I could go to do it. For me it was the ideal excuse to go somewhere extraordinary to carry out my field research and so the Amazon Rainforest instantly sprung to mind. Geography has always fascinated me and the opportunity provided by Projects Abroad to live in the rainforest for five weeks and carry out my fieldwork has proved only to further fuel both my passion for the subject and my love of travelling. My only regret is that I wasn't there longer.”

Claire Elphick
Dissertation Research in Peru

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