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Teach Physical Education in Kenya

General Teaching Projects Teach Physical Education
  • ROLE: To inspire children to learn new sports and coach children during their physical educational lessons
  • CLASS SIZE: 15-20
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT: From 1 week
  • START DATES: Flexible

Kenyan school children participate in exercise drills before soccer practice.

By getting involved as a Physical Education teacher in Kenya with Projects Abroad, you can help teach children and young adults the importance of sport and inspire the next generation of sporting talent. This project is a great option for gap years, university students, career breakers, or those simply looking for a meaningful vacation experience. You can volunteer without any previous experience. All you need is a passion for sports and a desire to help others develop their own sporting ability.

Kenyans are passionate about sports and you will often find children kicking a ball around in their school playground or running around outside. Even though soccer is the most popular sport in Kenya, you can get involved with coaching a range of different sports including volleyball and netball. Children are eager to participate in a wide variety of sports, so you are encouraged to introduce new sports and activities at your placement.

Coach Sports in Schools and Drop-in Centres in Kenya with Projects Abroad

Young members of the school soccer team pose for a picture with volunteers.

Teach Physical Education volunteers work in elementary and junior schools and drop-in centres in and around the town of Nanyuki.

In the morning, you will usually help with basic physical education lessons and ensure that each student gets involved in a diverse range of activities, both individually and as part of a team. You will be working with students of all ages depending on when their physical education lessons take place.

In the afternoons, you will coach teams of school children of different levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced) with the long term goal of preparing the students to take part in local tournaments. You may find yourself working in several different schools during your stay, depending on the timetable in each school.

Your Role Volunteering on a Teach Physical Education Project in Kenya

While volunteering abroad, you could choose to focus on one sport or help with coaching a range of sports or physical activities. Just let us know where your interests lie once you have applied and we will match you to a suitable placement.

Encouraging children and teenagers to participate in sports in Kenya means that they become fitter and healthier. It also helps to give them a sense of belonging to a team with a shared passion and goal. This in turn has positive benefits for the community by engaging many of the youth in sports outside of school, which can give them vital structure and purpose.

The school vacations in Kenya take place in April, August, November, and December, so during this time volunteers will focus on the drop-in centres. Here, volunteers work with teenagers and young children from the ages of 5 up.

You can join the Teach Physical Education Project in Kenya from one week if you do not have time to join us for four weeks or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for short term volunteering for both the host community and the volunteer. Although you will gain a valuable cultural insight and work intensely within the local community, please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone volunteering for a longer period.

Kenya Teaching Management Plan

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