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  • Group:Stourport High School
    Jamaica 2014
  • Age : 16 years old
  • Group size : 6 students 2 staff
  • Project : Sports
  • Destination : Mandeville, Jamaica

Before we went away

Stourport High School

The group from Stourport High School had been planning their trip for over two years doing a wide range of different fundraising activities ranging from bag packs to organising a Valentine’s Day Ball all to get the money together for the trip to Jamaica. The group of Sports Leaders decided that they wanted to introduce Tag Rugby and Tri Golf to students in Jamaica as well as getting an opportunity to see the country.

What we did

Stourport High School

As we arrived at the school the children were playing football with a worn down ball. We got involved and played a match with them. People just kept turning up after they got word out in to their community. It was just amazing how much they were enjoying themselves and connecting with us.

Stourport High School

As we started the warm up activities, other people turned up and to register and joined in. The numbers accumulated throughout the day leaving us with around forty 7-18 year olds! The tag rugby was very successful as we were introducing different rules in fun ways as they were all very competitive and wanted to win. The second day was really challenging as we had to teach them proper tag rugby. It was a successful day with the kids; as they had never played the game before and it took a lot of patience. We went back to the office and had a reggae dance class where we learned how to dance like our friends in the talent shows.

We organised teams for the final tag rugby tournament. This was what the kids loved! The competing, being active, enjoying socialising, etc…

Stourport High School

The tournament came to an end just in time for lunch and our final talent show, where we all performed what we had learned in the reggae dance class (the kids and our new friends were laughing). We had to give away all of the prizes which included rugby balls, a football, bibs, stationary, sweets, etc… the kids were so appreciative of the gear and thanked us all!

The weekend trip

Stourport High School

We drove to Turtle Tower beach around two and a half hours away and sunbathed for a few hours and went in the warm sea. One of the leaders got stung by a jellyfish. The sun was hot and some people burned. We ate late lunch at a Jamaican fast food place which was just mainly chicken. Then we went to a craft market with lots of stools that sell souvenirs, carvings and many more things for tourists to buy for family and friends.

Stourport High School

On our second rest day and we travelled for around an hour and a half to YS falls where we could swim in the falls or the swimming pools, use the rope swing to drop in to the water, do a high ropes course and zip line or just simply sunbathe. It was a really fun day and a well-deserved rest. We got on the bus and travelled back to the guest house where food was already cooked for us by Derick. There was time to sit outside in the chilling area on the hammocks all talking about the amazing day we’d had.

Another day we took a long journey to Dunns river falls where we got to walk up the whole falls with a guide and had pictures with the group. It was amazing. The water was really fresh and it was a once in a life time experience. The falls led straight on to the beach where we sunbathed next to where river met open seas!

This was where we had to say goodbye to our guest house owner Derick! He was an amazing host during the whole of our stay.

On reflection

When we landed we had a long journey back to Stourport-On-Severn from Manchester airport. This was where we were all really talking about how amazing the trip was and how it was the experience of a life time. We learned how much we should appreciate what we have and everything that we have! For me this trip will be the most memorable time in my life because it shows how much they appreciate what they have and enjoy their lives when they don’t have anything compared to us! I would love to do this trip and whole experience again as I really think it has changed my perspective on life and things I do in life.

Alex Cook

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