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  • Group:Grangemouth High School
    Ghana 2013
  • Age:16-18 years old
  • Group Size:20 students 4 staff
  • Project:Care & Community
  • Destination:Akuapem Hills, Ghana


Grangemouth High School

A group of twenty students were successful in applying to join the Grangemouth group for the trip. They were joined by four staff members. After over a year of hard work fundraising the group departed for Ghana. Fundraising activities included Halloween face painting, bag packing and sponsored bike rides amongst others. The group even created their own Ghana Grangemouth logo. The group arrived in Accra via Amsterdam before going up to the Akuapem Hills to help in the Adom Day Care Centre, Akropong Presby Primary School and Ebenezer School.

What did they do?

Grangemouth High School

The group joined a care & community project working in local schools and care centres doing a mix of painting work alongside helping with activities with the local children.

1st Week

One group visited the Ebenezer School and proceeded to help repaint it. Not all of the paint went onto the school walls! Afternoons were spent afternoons in a care centre singing and dancing with local kids. Even when the day was over when the volunteers got back to their accommodation there were plenty of kids eager for attention! The day care centre involved working alongside a local teacher who was music mad with around 40 under 4 year olds running around! Overall it was a lot of hard work whether it was painting or spending time with the kids.


Grangemouth High School

The group travelled to Cape Coast and visited the slave fort with a feeling of guilt hearing all the stories. After a long Saturday the group got up early to explore the canopy walkway in the top of the rainforest before breakfasting next to crocodiles at Hans Cottage. There were also opportunities for souvenir shopping.

2nd Week

In amongst the painting and the work with local children there was a Ghanaian dance workshop where the Grangemouth group got up and danced alongside the experts! The group even showed the locals how the bagpipes work on one amazing evening!

There was an emotional last day as the group left the nursery they had worked at over the last two weeks giving out lots of presents to the children. Before they knew it the group were on their way back to Accra before flying home to Scotland.

“Grangemouth I really miss everyone, so much now I feel very sad now. May God Bless you all for your hard work."

Kofi, from the Akuapem Hills
"The trip was just fantastic and life changing for everyone. Superb. Thanks again for all your help. "

Julie Smith, Staff Member
“For me especially, the best part of our time there was, hands down, our daily visits to Adom Day Centre. We had the privilege to meet Auntie Tina and her nursery full of crazy, loveable young children. Every day we did a variety of activities, including reading, painting and making paper hats, but it was the singing and dancing that won us over. I can guarantee there are a handful of Scottish teenagers at home singing African songs taught by the Adom day centre kids. They were so lively and always up for a play and a cuddle.”

Sarah Jones
“Well I've had the best two weeks of my life thanks to Ghana Grangemouth and I can't thank the teachers enough for making it possible for all of us to go across to Ghana. At points over there painting I had really had enough, now that I'm back I wish I could paint another 10 schools and can't wait for the day I am able to make the journey over again. ”

Emma Lucas

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