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Volunteer in a volleyball training session with students overseas with Projects Abroad
  • Role: Working with local schools and clubs to help children improve their basic technique by running training and fitness sessions.
  • Requirements: None
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If you have a passion for volleyball, travel and volunteering and would like to combine these interests, come join one of our Volleyball Sports programs where you can work with local children in the developing world. Volleyball is an attractive, energetic game that requires a range of athletic abilities, good communication and teamwork within its participating teams. Volleyball players are uniquely trained in a number of techniques, as there are a number of positions, each requiring slightly different abilities, and all players must rotate through all of them. In ’Beach’ Volleyball, where there are just two players on each team, players must be able to cover all positions within a single point.

Volleyball is a very popular sport in many of the poorer destinations in which we work, and this has made it an obvious choice for one of our major sports development projects.

Volleyball is simple to set-up requiring just a ball, a length of chord to mark the net and a small area on which it is not legal to let the ball bounce

The tension and excitement produced by each point in Volleyball indicates why it has become such a successful game, and this enthusiasm makes it an ideal sport for a development project.

As with most successful sports, it is incredibly easy to learn the basics skills required. There are just three main ways to play the ball - the ‘dig’, the ‘set’ and the ‘spike’ - and preventing the ball from hitting the ground is almost a natural instinct. However there are many further skills and techniques to learn, and this is where Projects Abroad Volleyball coaching volunteers can help.

Volunteer Volleyball Coaching Abroad

Volunteers coach volleyball in a school with Projects Abroad

If you have a passion for Volleyball then you could volunteer on one of our Volleyball coaching projects in the developing world. You do not have to be an experienced player or coach to get involved, all we require is a good knowledge of the intricacies of the game, and a desire to impart this to others. You can volunteer on a Volleyball coaching project on your college summer break, gap year, career break or as part of an extended vacation.

By volunteering on a Volleyball coaching project you will have the opportunity to channel the skills and enthusiasm the children we work with have for the sport into a cohesive team effort. By mixing skills sessions, game theory and actual games you are bound to see a rapid improvement in their abilities.

A Volleyball coaching project is about much more than just the game itself; it is also about developing ideas and disciplines that will benefit children in their interactions with the wider community, such as team work and fair play. In whichever destination you choose to volunteer, you will be helping with this process and gaining experience of sports development that will benefit you if you choose to study or work in this area in the future. Plus you will be playing a game that you love!

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