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Coach Rugby and Volunteer Abroad

School rugby practice with volunteer coach in Ghana
  • Role: Working with rugby clubs to develop the sport by helping with general organization, setting up drills, fitness training, and ball work.
  • Requirements: None
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Rugby is an explosive, dynamic game that blends the most physically demanding skills and attributes with some of the deftest. It is also the game with arguably the strongest element of teamwork of any of the major world sports.

At the very top level of Rugby, the players may still have incredible physiques that would dwarf your average person, but at amateur and youth level anyone can play. And it is incredibly easy to play, requiring little more than two teams, a ball and a playing area. It is not hard to see why Rugby is catching on so quickly in the developing world and our volunteers abroad are at the frontline of this sports development, coaching groups of children and young adults who are rapidly developing a passion for the game.

Rugby is a sport that develops young people in a unique way. Aside from the individual skills involved it provides a channel for a young person‘s natural aggression while at the same time teaching them respect for others, which is why it‘s commonly known as a game played by gentlemen. The inherent elements of teamwork in Rugby provide young people with a structure and an important position within a small group of people, attributes which once learned can have an important effect within the wider society.

Volunteer Rugby Coaching Abroad

Volunteer coaches a rugby team at a school overseas

If you have a passion for Rugby, then you could volunteer on one of our Rugby coaching projects in the developing world. You do not have to be an experienced player or coach to get involved, all we require is a good knowledge of the intricacies of the game, and a desire to impart this to others. You can volunteer abroad on a Rugby coaching project on your gap year, career break or as part of an extended vacation.

At Projects Abroad we strongly believe that sports can be used to develop individuals and communities, and are working to introduce popular sports into new areas in order to achieve this. We cannot accomplish this without the help of our international volunteers and this is why we need you to join our volunteer Rugby coaching projects. You will join a group who are dedicated to the sport and to passing on their love of the game to others.

There is a lot to get involved in – ball handling, lineout drills, fitness sessions and team tactics. Depending on your level of understanding about how the game works, you can help to develop and organize full training sessions with groups of young people and work on specific rugby drills. There is so much to get involved in, and plenty of fun to be had at the same time!

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