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Coaching Community Sports Abroad

Volunteers Coach Students in School After School with Projects Abroad
  • Role: Helping with efforts to promote physical fitness, general health, and teamwork through after-school and community-based sports programs
  • Requirements: None
Project Info

Projects Abroad volunteers coach sports to children and young adults from disadvantaged communities across the globe all year round. In the developing world, sports are extremely popular and many children are eager to participate but their opportunities are limited because of a lack of resources. Volunteers can make a difference by getting involved and encouraging children to stay fit and have fun through sports. You can coach a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, field hockey, and track and field.

Many of our volunteers work with community sports initiatives, coaching sports in local sports clubs and schools. These projects benefit the community enormously, giving the youth a safe space to develop their talents and learn about the responsibilities of being part of a team.

How Can I Volunteer to Coach Sports in Communities Abroad?

As a volunteer coaching sport, you can be a positive role model for children and teenagers while developing your own leadership skills. No coaching experience is needed to volunteer on a community sports project, as long as you are energetic and eager to share your love for sports and fitness abroad. If you have little or no coaching experience, local staff and teachers are always happy to help enthusiastic volunteers in any way they can.

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