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Volunteer coaches a basketball practice overseas with Projects Abroad
  • Role: Assisting local coaches and leading drills to teach children how to play and to improve their skills and general fitness.
  • Requirements: None
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Basketball is a fast paced, action packed game requiring a wide range of different skills and abilities. It has long been one of the worlds most popular team games, and is easy and practical to play, as it requires a minimum amount of equipment and a relatively small playing area.

The popularity of basketball abroad has undergone something of a resurgence in recent years, thanks in no small part to changing attitudes among basketball leagues and coaches overseas. Professional basketball coaches abroad have started to place more emphasis on developing players who possess a wide variety of skills and attributes, rather than simply looking at players who, literally, stand head and shoulders above the others! The days when professional basketball was reserved purely for 6 foot 10 inch giants with size 20 shoes are long gone, and this has made the game more accessible to children around the world.

Volunteering abroad by coaching basketball is about more than simply developing the sport itself. It is about engaging the children that you work with and giving them the chance of a better future, from both playing the game directly and also from ideas and notions that are developed through basketball, like teamwork, discipline and fair play.

Volunteer Basketball Coaching Abroad

If you have a passion for basketball, then you could volunteer abroad on one of our Basketball Coaching projects in the developing world. You do not have to be an experienced coach to get involved; all you need is a solid knowledge of the intricacies of the game, and a desire to impart this on others. You can volunteer overseas on a Basketball Coaching project on your gap year, career break or as part of an extended vacation.

Basketball is an incredibly easy game to pick up, but there are many complexities in the rules and tactics, which volunteer coaches can introduce to enthusiastic students, not to mention the individual skills that can be developed. The progress that your students make under your guidance will give you an immense feeling of satisfaction, particularly when you see them in competition against their local rivals!

Other cultures tend to have different approaches to coaching the same sport, and it will be very interesting for you to see the differences between Basketball in Mongolia, for example, compared to your home country. It is sure to be beneficial for your students to have some creative input from another culture, and you may find you learn a few things yourself!

You will work with a project supervisor, with whom you will decide on a structured program dedicated to the basics of basketball play. You can use your time to practice man to man marking, improve accuracy of passing or even have sessions on trying to score three pointers. The main goal is working to expand the ability of young players, whatever level each individual is at, and to make learning rewarding and fun.

In whichever destination you choose to volunteer abroad, you will be gaining experience of sports development that will be of great benefit if choose to study or work in this area in the future. Plus, you will have a fantastic time and make an impact on the children in the community you are visiting!

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