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Volunteers on the beach on the surfing project in South Africa with Projects Aboard
  • Role: Assisting local coaches with training or leading your own classes in a variety of sports in schools, local sport centres, and clubs.
  • Requirements: None
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Wherever you travel in the world you will always find people who love sports. Sports bring people together and help to build strong communities, as well as contribute to the creation of healthy, happy individuals. Sports can also provide a much-needed distraction from more negative aspects of people’s lives and, to many people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it can offer a route out of poverty and a path of excitement and promise.

Regular and organized sports coaching can have a very positive impact on children. As well as the obvious physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides, there are many inherent life-skills to be learned, such as the importance of teamwork, communication, and discipline. And, of course, there is a great deal of fun and excitement to be had along the way!

Volunteer Coaching Sports Abroad

  • Fostering of local sports talent through provision of quality coaches and support for our volunteer trainee coaches.
  • Development of the wider communities in which we work through offering alternatives to young people from impoverished areas.
  • Inclusion - making sports available to all.

As a volunteer coach on a Projects Abroad Sports Project, you will be helping with all these aspects of development while working with the most enthusiastic people in some of the poorest communities in the developing world.

Volunteer Work and Sports Abroad

Whichever sports you coach – football in Ghana, volleyball in Bolivia, or rugby in Fiji – we can help you make the most of your time. We will help you find a schedule that is right for you. You could be learning more about your sport in the morning and organizing a game in the afternoon. Volunteer sports coaches are responsible for helping in the organization in all aspects of training; from setting up drills and fitness sessions, to coaching sports teams in competitive games.

Through well-established relationships with local teams, clubs, and carefully structured sports placements, we are able to assist volunteers regardless of coaching experience. Whatever your interests we can find the right Sports project overseas for you!

"The best aspect of my sports placement was working with and coaching excellent football players."

Gordon Sutcliffe
Sports Volunteer in Ghana
“In terms of the project I could not have asked for a better placement. The football coaching undertaken at Cantonments was hard, especially for a Scotsman in the heat, but thoroughly rewarding. It was a real privilege to work with such talented players and help with the development of their game. Not only was I able to implement some of the coaching methods used in Europe but I also learned how Africans train.
From speaking to the other volunteers, I think it’s definitely true that you get back what you put into your project. Even though volunteers are on placements for a relatively short period of time a lot can be achieved by asking what's been done previously, gaining an understanding of what your placement expects and providing another perspective in terms of ideas.”

Scott McQuarrie
Sports Volunteer in Ghana, now Projects Abroad Program Advisor in the UK

Group Sports Projects for High School Students

For teen volunteers, Sports projects are available as Sports High School Special programs. High School Specials are designed for volunteers aged 16-19 to join a group of their peers working together under the guidance of our local staff.

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