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Care & Community in Cambodia Middle School Special


2 weeks
  • Sunday July 12th 2020 - Saturday July 25th 2020

  • Placement Location: Phnom Penh
  • Types of Placements: Local school
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Age Requirements: 12-15 years old

Volunteer with children in Cambodia on a Middle School Special

Join our Care & Community Middle School Special in Cambodia and work with young children through education while learning more about volunteering and service work. Explore cultural attractions, learn about the Khmer language and culture, and form friendships with other volunteers your age from around the world.

Our program focuses on learning about local Cambodian culture and getting an introduction to volunteering. While working with the children, you can come up with creative ways to teach basic English and play fun, educational games to help them learn. You will also take part in activities to help preserve the environment, such as participating in community clean-ups and educating people on the environment and how to protect it.

During your program, you will also get to participate in a culture workshop to learn about the history, customs and traditions of Cambodia, and to learn some Khmer phrases. You can use your learned Khmer skills when visiting local markets to buy items like handcrafted souvenirs and to sample local food dishes like Mee Kiev, egg noodles and broth topped with pork dumplings. You will get to go on a nighttime bus tour of Phnom Penh and visit beautiful Buddhist temples, the Royal Palace, and Choeung Ek.

Join our Middle School project in Cambodia to visit attractions

During your two-week trip, you will live with a group of students your own age from around the world. This is a great opportunity to learn about the countries and cultures of your fellow volunteers, and share some of your own country’s information. You will have plenty of time to bond during movie nights, while enjoying dinners at local restaurants, or over a game of cards.

Over the weekend, we’ve organized a trip to Siem Reap where you will visit the famous Angkor Wat Temple, shop at the night market, and enjoy a buffet dinner at the Amazon Angkor restaurant. Through all these amazing experiences, you will have a diverse group of new friends who will share in your excitement and anticipation as you learn about all that Cambodia has to offer.

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