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Speech Therapy Internships Abroad

Volunteer Speech Therapy Abroad with Projects Abroad
  • Role: Working alongside local speech therapists or independently providing care for patients in rehabilitation centers and facilities for children and adults with disabilities.
  • Requirements: Some related education for Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania and Vietnam.
    French skills for Togo.
    French or Arabic skills for Morocco.
Project Info

A Projects Abroad Speech Therapy internship gives you an excellent opportunity to gain international work experience in the field of speech therapy. Whether you are a student planning to pursue medical studies, or a qualified professional looking to contribute abroad and enhance your medical knowledge, you will have a role to play in the hospitals, clinics, and schools we work with.

Intern in Speech Therapy Abroad

Speech Therapy interns works on activities with children in Vietnam

Speech Therapy interns usually find themselves working in a variety of places, including hospitals, clinics, health development centres, and schools. In the developing world, access to specialized treatment is limited and many people, particularly children, often do not receive the treatment that they need. This means that you may see conditions which are much further along than what you are used to in your home country. This gives you the chance to learn new and different speech therapy methods from local staff, and to share your own knowledge about speech therapy practices in the developed world.

International Speech Therapy Experience

On your first day as a Speech Therapy intern, you will be taken by a local Projects Abroad staff member to meet your supervisor and plan a work schedule. As an intern, it is crucial for you to stick to your established hours or give plenty of notice if you need to change them. You are now part of a team, and respect and trust are important elements for you to show toward your local colleagues. If you work hard, staff will be eager to share their expertise with you and give you more opportunity to develop your practical skills.

Once you finish work, there is plenty to do and explore in your host country. You can join other Projects Abroad volunteers in the area and experience local cuisine, sights, and attractions together. Projects Abroad also organizes social events that you can join in with if you wish.

Speech Therapy project destinations:

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