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Public Health Internships Abroad

Volunteer bandaged up a young boy in an outreach project on the Public Health project
  • Role: Provide basic medical care and health education to schools, day care centers, and other target communities
  • Requirements: None for Belize, Cambodia, Ghana, Madagascar, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.
Project Info

Public Health internships with Projects Abroad are for interns who wish to get out in the community and specialize in the outreach aspect of our Medicine and Health Care programs. If you are a student interested in public health abroad or a trained professional seeking international experience, you can help people in developing countries who may have difficulty accessing health care otherwise.

Intern on the Public Health project checks the heart rate of an older woman in Ghana

As a Public Health intern, you will find yourself working with groups of local children and adults in places like orphanages, schools, churches, villages, and community centres. You will be a direct witness to the impact of poverty on health, and you will focus on prevention and education to ensure that costly diseases are treated and screened for before it becomes a more serious issue in the community. Public Health interns will focus on health topics such as hygiene/first aid, diabetes, hypertension, maternal & child health, as well as the spread of infectious diseases.

Interns will primarily test and screen for disease, develop educational campaigns, and conduct outreach in harder to reach communities. You will work alongside qualified professionals, who will be on hand to train you and answer any questions you may have. It is important that you show local staff that you are enthusiastic and have a good work ethic — developing a trusting relationship will allow you to gain the most out of this internship.

When you are not working, you are free to explore the area around you along with other members of the Projects Abroad volunteer community. Projects Abroad staff also organize regular social events that you can join in with if you wish.


At most of our Public Health Projects, you do not need any previous experience or skills to join. If there are requirements, the specific project page will tell you. For some programs, we also require you to be above the age of 18. Please note that you need to be a minimum of 18 years old to join projects in Sri Lanka.

If you are under 18 years of age, we recommend taking a look at our Medicine & Healthcare High School Specials for teenagers.

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