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Physiotherapy Internships in Romania


Project Overview

  • Placement location: Brasov
  • Role: To assist local staff with the care of children and/or adults
  • Types of placements: Day care centre and foster home
  • Requirements: Interns must be aged 18 years or older and have completed at least one year of Physiotherapy related studies or training
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 2 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

Romanian children play with an inter after a physiotherapy treatment session.

The Projects Abroad Physical Therapy internship in Romania is in need of interns to assist in a demanding but rewarding environment. The project placements are based at day care centres where patients have varying levels of disability.

As an intern, the placements can be emotionally challenging, and you should be prepared to see patients with advanced illnesses, severe disabilities, and incurable diseases.

You will work at one of two day care centres. At one of the care centers you will with children and adults, who could be anywhere between 5 and 30 years old. If you are placed at the other care centre, you will work with children only, who could range between 4 and 16 years old.

All Physiotherapy interns must be aged 18 years or older and should have at least a year of related studies or training.

Interning Abroad as a Physiotherapist in Romania with Projects Abroad

Physiotherapy interns work closely with their project supervisor who is a local qualified physical therapist. At first you will observe the procedures and in time, depending on experience, you will be able to assist with the exercises.

While interning in Romania you will live with a local host family and be exposed directly to traditional Romanian culture. On weekends, you can explore the wonders of the region with the Projects Abroad volunteer community.

Volunteer Profile Alyssa Montanaro
Alyssa Montanaro
In one sense, it was great because I learned so much about physical therapy, disorders, and rehabilitation methods. On the other hand, the time I spent with the children, the smiles we shared, the games we played all changed me for the better. These two month haves left me with no doubt that I want a future career in physical therapy. Read more...

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Romania Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

Physiotherapy internships in Romania are available for shorter periods than 4 weeks. While you will be able to gain valuable medical experience on a short-term trip, we recommend staying for a longer period to allow yourself more time to get to know the local medical system, see more of a variety of conditions and procedures, and develop stronger relationships with local medical staff.

Interns seeking a different cultural experience have the option of participating on a more unique project for one week at the end of their project. For more information, please visit the Classical & Medieval Archaeology in Romania page. Our Combinations Page explains how you can combine not only projects, but also destinations.

Romania Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan

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