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International Physical Therapy Internships in Ethiopia

Project Overview

If you're interested in volunteering in this destination, please contact us first before applying.

  • Placement location: Addis Ababa
  • Role: To assist trained local staff in home based care and treatment of patients
  • Types of placement: Local NGO
  • Requirements: Interns on this project must have completed at least three years of Physical Therapy related studies or training
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

Physical Therapy in Ethiopia with Projects Abroad

There is a shortage of skilled physical therapists in Ethiopia. If you are currently training, a recently qualified physical therapist, or on a career break, you can provide valuable support to healthcare workers helping the families of people affected by HIV as a Physical Therapy intern with Projects Abroad.

To do a Physical Therapy project in Ethiopia you must have completed at least three years of Physical Therapy related studies or training. 

Your experience on this project will help you gain an understanding of how a successful community-based healthcare program works. Since you will be helping to deliver much-needed physical therapy treatment while at the same time spending a portion of your time passing on your skills to fellow caregivers, you will go home knowing that you have made a valuable contribution to the people and community this project serves.

Physical Therapy Interns in Ethiopia with Projects Abroad

As a Physical Therapy intern, you will work alongside a charity based in Addis Ababa that provides advice, healthcare, and education to families living with HIV. This is a highly progressive project that aims to increase people's knowledge and understanding of the disease as well as provide practical physical therapy care to terminally ill children.

In the morning you will usually travel around Addis Ababa carrying out home-based care alongside a small team of local staff. You will visit families in their homes, treating ailments caused by conditions such as TB or unexplained paralysis. You will help carry out and explain simple exercises to family members to enable them to keep up with the exercises until the next visit.

Afternoons will frequently be spent working alongside the local physical therapy staff sharing skills and knowledge. You can also be involved in running training workshops to show how physical therapy can benefit patients.

Interns have the opportunity to work at another charity treatment center that provides treatment to over 120 patients. Here interns are involved in all aspects of patient care as well as providing advice and training to the family members of the patients.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Ethiopia Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

While you are interning in Ethiopia with Projects Abroad, you will live with one of our host families. You will be able to spend your free time with other volunteers exploring the sites and culture of Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan

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