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Volunteer and Intern Abroad in Physiotherapy

Volunteer Physiotherapy placements in Overseas
  • Role: Working alongside local physiotherapists or independently providing care for patients in rehabilitation centres and facilities for children and adults with disabilities.
  • Requirements: None for Ghana, Mongolia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
    Some related education for Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Morocco, Philippines, Romania, Samoa, Tanzania, and Vietnam.
    Spanish skills for Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Mexico.
    French skills for Togo.
    French or Arabic skills for Morocco.
Project Info

Interning abroad on a physiotherapy internship will you give you a great deal of insight into how hospitals operate in the developing world. Whether you are hoping to get into the field, an undergraduate, or a trained professional, you will return with many experiences in one of the hospitals, clinics and centres that we work with. Whenever possible, we tailor physiotherapy internships to both your level of experience and interests.

Physiotherapy Internship Abroad

 A volunteer working at a disabilities centreAs a physiotherapy intern, you are sure to be in great demand. Hospitals are often very poorly resourced with underpaid staff, and the combined lack of experience and funds to pay for treatment means the patients you encounter will often have advanced conditions that are rarely seen in the developed world.

Our rewarding physiotherapy internships enable you to help disabled children and adults to lead as normal lives as possible. Rehabilitation is vital, so whether you have experience or not, working alongside physical therapists at a centre for disabled children in Nepal, physiotherapy departments of large hospitals in Ghana or a burns unit in Bolivia, you will learn a great deal about the practice of physiotherapy in a completely different cultural setting.

"The doctors and physical therapists were excellent at teaching and testing our knowledge, and we were allowed to assist in examinations. I also really enjoyed going to the operating room."

Eleanor Pickford
Physical therapy in Nepal
"From my experiences I learned how to treat patients with burns, make and fit splints, do exercises for burns, hydrotherapy, work with children, and the use and fitting of pressure suits. It was such a great experience and if this is your placement I have no doubt that you will love it too. I will truly miss working there, all the great people I met and of course all those children!"

Siobhan Ni Cheidigh
Physical therapy in Bolivia
"I feel I have been very lucky here, I am doing exactly what I wanted to do: treating patients, training staff and using my skills and experience. I've treated tiny babies with sore necks, elderly people with arthritis and one young boy who keeps getting me to make him balloon models (I made him a balloon sword to encourage him to use his arm after a fracture!) and all is going well."

Tom Goom
Physical therapy in Sri Lanka

Physiotherapy Elective Students

If you are in medical school and planning to do an elective please visit our Medical Electives project.


At most of our Physical Therapy Projects, you will need language skills and/or a certain level of experience before you can join. If this is the case, the specific project page will tell you. For some programs, we also require you to be above the age of 18. Please note that you need to be a minimum of 18 years old to join projects in Bolivia, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

If you are under 18 years of age, we recommend taking a look at our Medicine & Healthcare High School Specials for teenagers.

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