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Pharmacy Internships Abroad


Pharmacy Internships Abroad

  • Role: Observe and work alongside professional local pharmacists abroad, and gain experience in the pharmaceutical field
  • Requirements: None
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Volunteer with Projects Abroad on a Pharmacy Internship to enhance your knowledge of the field, learn new skills, and gain practical experience. Whether you are a student pursuing a degree or qualification in pharmacy, a trained professional, or somewhere in-between, you will have a role to play at your placement in a developing country. Your project will be tailored whenever possible to your specific interests and level of experience.

Pharmacy Internships Abroad

Pharmacy volunteers will run medical outreaches in outlying areasIn the developing countries where we offer Pharmacy Internships, medical facilities and pharmacies often lack resources, are understaffed, and have basic or out-of-date equipment. By volunteering on an internship, you will learn about the health care in a different country, and the work you do will be of great assistance to the local medical staff you work with.

You will spend most of your time shadowing and assisting professional medical staff and pharmacists, who will give you tasks based on your level of skills and expertise. You will also have a qualified supervisor who will guide you and offer advice whenever needed. We encourage you to ask questions and take notes while observing the professionals you work with, as this will help you get the most out of your experience abroad.

Pharmacy Outreach Programs

During your internship, you will also go on outreach programs in rural communities, where you will have the opportunity to put your basic medical knowledge and skills into practice. In rural areas, access to basic medical treatment and medication is often very scarce. On these outreaches, you will gain valuable experience, and provide medical services to people who are often without access to any medical help. The tasks you will have on outreaches can include completing health ceckups, and assisting with the recording and dispensation of prescribed medicines under supervision.

Pharmacy School Electives for students

If you are a pharmacy school student and planning to do an elective overseas, please visit our Pharmacy School Elective Placements page.

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