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Intern Abroad in Occupational Therapy

Intern works with children doing activities on the Occupational Therapy project  overseas
  • Role: Working alongside local occupational therapists or independently providing care for patients in rehabilitation centers and facilities for children and adults with disabilities.
  • Requirements: None for Kenya.
    Some related education for Cambodia, Morocco, Philippines, Tanzania, and Vietnam.
    French or Arabic skills for Morocco.
Project Info

Occupational therapy students traditionally have a great deal of variety in their medical internships while completing their studies. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and prove that you’re up to an even bigger challenge? Choosing to volunteer abroad with us on an Occupational Therapy internship will give you a great deal of international work experience as you provide support to our colleagues in the developing world.

Whether you are a trained professional looking for a worthwhile and exciting way of using your annual leave, a student searching for something relevant to do on your summer break or an undergraduate organizing an overseas elective, you will have a valuable role to play in one of the hospitals, clinics or centres that we work with.

Medical Internships in Occupational Therapy Abroad

Volunteer playing games on the Occupational Therapy project in Cambodia

As an Occupational Therapy volunteer, you are sure to be in great demand. Occupational therapy is something of a luxury, unique to western health systems that hospitals and other organizations in the developing world could never hope to afford. Health centres, orphanages and other projects are often very poorly resourced, and lack trained staff with the critical knowledge and skills to help their patients ease back into daily life.

Our rewarding Occupational Therapy programs enable you to help sick or disabled children and adults to lead as normal lives as possible. Rehabilitation is vitally important for any productive community, but is often overlooked due to the lack of money available for investment in all but critical care. Occupational Therapy courses are rarely available in many of the countries where we have medical internships, so your skills are sure to be appreciated!

These international medical internships are designed to provide a challenge to those who already have some experience or a worthwhile volunteer experience for those wishing to take their Occupational Therapy elective abroad. If you want to prove that you can think outside the box to create imaginative solutions to problems in a country where the facilities are much more basic than at home, then these projects are for you.

Whether you are working alongside physical therapists on an HIV project in Ethiopia, or helping treat children and adults with disabilities in Vietnam, you will take home a great deal of international medical experience. You will add something really striking to add to your resume and plenty of memories of working with colleagues in a remarkably different culture.


At most of our Occupational Therapy Projects, you will need language skills and/or a certain level of experience before you can join. If this is the case, the specific project page will tell you. For some programs, we also require you to be above the age of 18. Please note that you need to be a minimum of 18 years old to join projects in Philippines.

If you are under 18 years of age, we recommend taking a look at our Medicine & Healthcare High School Specials for teenagers.

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