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Pharmacy Student Electives Abroad with Projects Abroad

On an outreach project in Tanzania volunteers help with medicine dispensing
  • Role: Satisfy the elective requirements of your pharmacy training doing a placement in a hospital or pharmacy in a developing country abroad
  • Requirements: You must be a registered student in a pharmacy school
Project Info

Projects Abroad has a number of Electives for Pharmacy students. You can choose from the list of developing countries in which we work. These placements have been created to meet the specific requirements of the Pharmacy School Elective module and we can tailor them to your specific specialism.

Projects Abroad has over 20 years practice in collaborating with medical professionals. We have experienced staff who are able to work with universities to ensure that Pharmacy students have a placement overseas that will provide a rich and rewarding experience of the country and medical facility. Projects Abroad arranges your accommodation, meals, and insurance and our in-country staff are well equipped to support you and make sure your time abroad is a success.

Planning your elective abroad

Medical outreach project in Sri Lanka

Our Elective placements are available in developing countries around the world. This is the basic checklist for an elective placement.

  • Clear daily timetables
  • Clearly modularized program
  • Well-qualified supervisor
  • Interpreters available when needed
  • Links with local primary care
  • Opportunity to see traditional medicine (if applicable)
  • Great local food and accommodation
  • Enjoyable social environment

Taking your Elective Placement in Pharmacy with Projects Abroad

Kick-start your pharmacy career by completing your Pharmacy School Elective in a developing country abroad. By choosing to do your elective with Projects Abroad, you can use your skills and knowledge to improve the healthcare provided in disadvantaged communities. Many of the placements often lack funds, have basic facilities, and use out-of-date equipment. Pharmacies and hospitals are also often understaffed and low on resources. By volunteering you will help alleviate the workload of local medical staff, bring new ideas to the workspace, and contribute to better healthcare in disadvantaged communities.

During your placement, you will work alongside professional medical staff, and will have a qualified supervisor who will oversee your work and guide you through the medical practices at your placement facility. You will gain valuable practical experience by observing and helping trained pharmacists with their work. Not only will you learn from the staff, but the skills and knowledge that you bring to the workspace will offer new and innovative solutions to some of the challenges faced at your placement. Your influence will therefore have a lasting impact at your placement and in the communities you visit, contributing to the sustainability of the project.

Medical outreach projects form an important part of your time abroad. You will visit outlying areas that often do not have access to basic healthcare. On these outreaches, you will create awareness around important health issues, by providing basic medical advice to local people, and assisting with the recording and dispensation of prescribed medicines.

What support will I have on my Pharmacy School Elective?

We provide extensive support to our Pharmacy students, prior to departure and during your placement. Our staff can assist with the completion of your paperwork for your school, and one of our Volunteer Advisors will be in regular contact to guide you through your trip preparations prior to your departure. You will work alongside qualified pharmacists on your placement, who will mentor you and offer assistance for the duration of your Pharmacy School Elective placement. Local staff is also available 24/7 to provide support and answer any questions you might have.

When should I apply for my Pharmacy School Elective with Projects Abroad?

Most universities have a set date by which time your Pharmacy Elective application paperwork needs to be completed. If your pharmacy program needs information on the hospital, clinic, or medical centre where you will be placed, or requires forms to be signed by your project supervisor, we recommend completing our application form at least one month before your deadline. We can only provide the detailed information about your project once you have applied and been accepted onto an Elective placement with us.

If your university or institution has no set requirements, we still advise that you apply as early as possible.

If you are not a Pharmacy School Elective student or would like to take part in another medical project, please see our Medical Internships page.

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