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Dentistry Student Electives Abroad with Projects Abroad

Dentistry Elective Placements
  • Role: Satisfy the elective requirements of your medical training doing a placement is a hospital or healthcare centre abroad.
  • Requirements: You must be in dental school; Spanish skills for Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru; French skills for Togo.
Project Info

Dentistry students have the opportunity to take their Dental School Elective abroad with Projects Abroad, as we offer a number of Dentistry Elective placements in many developing countries. These placements have been created to meet the specific requirements of the Dentistry Elective module.

Projects Abroad has over 20 years’ experience in collaborating with medical professionals. We are also experienced in working with universities to ensure Dentistry students have a placement abroad that will provide an in-depth understanding of the country and medical facility. Projects Abroad arranges your accommodation, meals, and insurance and our in-country staff are well equipped to support you and make sure your time abroad is a success.

Planning your Elective Abroad

Dental School Electives in Mexico with Projects Abroad

Our Elective placements are available in developing countries around the world. This is the basic checklist for an Elective placement.

  • Clear daily timetables
  • Clearly modularized program
  • Well-qualified supervisor
  • Interpreters available when needed
  • Links with local primary care
  • Opportunity to see traditional medicine (if applicable)
  • Great local food and accommodation
  • Enjoyable social environment

Taking your Elective in Dentistry with Projects Abroad

As a student taking their Dentistry Elective abroad you could be involved in many aspects of oral hygiene and care. You could be based in a dental unit within a large hospital or a dedicated dental practice. As you will be based in a developing country you will often work with limited resources and basic facilities.

Some private clinics have more up-to-date equipment, but expect to be creative in your approach to dentistry on your Elective placement.

You may have the opportunity to take part in dental outreach work where you will visit communities, schools, and orphanages. You could be involved in running workshops on basic oral hygiene, taking part in basic dental check-ups, and running special clinics. These depend upon the country you choose to take your elective in.

As many people cannot afford regular dental check-ups, you will see many oral conditions in their advanced stages. These may be quite shocking. You will have a lot to learn and many case studies to use in your coursework. You will have a dedicated supervisor who will be a qualified dentist. They are eager for you make the most of your time with them and will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss individual cases with you.

If you are not an elective student or would rather take part in our regular Dentistry internships, please go to our Dentistry page.

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