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Monthly Reports from 2012

Monthly report – October 2012

Community Advocacy
During the community advocacy session a group of 2 volunteers went to Dodowa to carry out a fact-finding mission. Once arrived, they sat down with an assembly man to discuss human rights abuses within ‘his’ community. Quite fast the issue of parental neglect/responsibilities came up.

Monthly report – September 2012

Slum Project
This project largely addresses the rights of communities but over the month of September PAHO focused on the rights of the child within the slum. This was done is three ways.

Monthly report – August 2012

Juvenile Remand Project – This month our team continued to interact with the young adults of the Boy’s Remand Centre and Girl’s Correctional Centre three times a week. Art therapy was the main area of focus to which the groups were very responsive, particularly the girls who had thus far been the more difficult of the two to connect with.

Monthly report – July 2012

Slum Project – Last month our team carried out many fact-finding missions in Accra’s biggest slum located at Old Fadama. The community is commonly known as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ meaning ‘worst of the worst’. At the beginning of July and after many in house discussions, PAHO decided to concentrate on 5 areas of work;

Monthly report – June 2012

In 2011 PAHO was extremely involved in the training of Community Watch Committees. Established by the Community Police Unit, these groups have been registered as civilian police for their areas. Recently it was brought to our attention that further training was necessary as a follow up on how the committees performed last year. Over June PAHO held meetings with the Police to discuss presentations and how to go forward.

Monthly report – May 2012

Over the month of May our team travelled to the outskirts of Accra to educate three farming communities on issues of intestacy and property rights, marriage rights and maintenance. It is common for women of Ghana to suffer physical, psychological and economical abuse following the death of their husbands.

Monthly report – April 2012

Over the month of April PAHO postponed its projects to concentrate on a month of challenging Domestic Violence in Ghana. Domestic Violence remains one of the most prevalent abuses in Ghana today. It is a social issue which PAHO has tried to tackle since its establishment in many forms; through awareness, the taking on and referring of cases and monitoring.

Monthly report – March 2012

Over the months of January and February volunteers engaged with the children and staff of Osu Children’s Home. The purpose of these visits was to identify issues within the orphanage and come up with a training program for the staff. The training took place last month over three days and focused on child protection and rights, ailments and health.

Monthly report – February 2012

This is a project in collaboration with the Community Police Unit who recently introduced civil policing to Ghana. PAHO is trying to insure that neighbourhood watch committees, who manage the civil policing, are provided with adequate knowledge about human rights while the Community Police Unit give practical information and training about the roles of the committee members.

Monthly report – January 2012

CPU Training has been running successfully for the past few months. PAHO has developed a strong relationship with the Community Police and continue to provide training to their neighbourhood watch committees. The aim is to develop good civil policing.At the beginning of the month an evaluation was completed to assess the project.

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