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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office – Cape Town, South Africa – Monthly Reports

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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office - Cape town - Monthly reports - January 2012

January has continued to be quiet in terms of projects as many of them are still on shut down from the Christmas and New Year period. Volunteer numbers however have been at one of our highest we’ve seen in January and we’ve had a lot of people working hard on legal cases as well as planning for future workshops for the projects that continued to run.

Social Justice


The New Year at Bonnytoun has started well. Volunteers have been coming up with some great ideas for workshops and these have been received well by the boys. One workshop involved the volunteers teaching the boys something about their home countries. It was stated by the boys that they wanted to learn about world affairs and what other countries are like as well as learn some simple phrases in some different languages. Volunteers have been trying to incorporate workshops around the requests of the boys and have begun to show them currency from their home countries as well as music from around the world (with a bit of dancing for good measure!)

The Women’s Shelters

St Anne’s – Volunteers have been working hard to come up with a 6 week programme for St Anne’s. The women seem to be enjoying the sessions with such topics discussed this month as police powers and the rights of the individual, role models with famous inspiring quotes and then leading on to what the ladies want to achieve in 5 years. A lot of these workshops are aimed at helping to build up the confidence of the women who are staying there. All of the women have a story to tell and a background many of us could never imagine, therefore it is important to build on their confidence.

Legal Services

Lavender Hill

Clients have been attending our legal clinic with a number of varied matters. This month there have been a number of cases which involve divorce. Volunteers have been assisting clients with filling out the necessary forms and offering them advice on how to claim for child maintenance.

Case file’s within the office

We have had a very busy month in terms of new clients coming to the office. We have been assisting many refugees to apply for their permanent residency papers a long with assisting women with gaining protection orders against their partners. Volunteers have been attending court with some of our clients to support them with filing documents or to offer support during their trials.

South Africa Human Rights Management Plan

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