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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office – Cape Town, South Africa – Monthly Reports

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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office - Cape town - Monthly reports - February 2011

Bonnytoun – Drug addiction workshops were worked on with the boys this month. PAHRO has found there to be a crossover with the work we do at Bonnytoun and the work that Youth in Prison do there. Youth in Prison is another organisation working with Bonnytoun. They visit the boys 6 times a week, carrying out workshops similar to what PAHRO does but using creative arts. PAHRO have been in talks with Youth in prison to find a way of complimenting the work they do. Unfortunately Bonnytoun is moving location at the end of March and will then be a 1 ½ hour train and bus journey away. PAHRO currently have to decide whether logistics allow us to continue working with them. There is however a new partnership looking to be formed with a similar project at the Ottery Youth Care Centre in March. For this PAHRO will also be working alongside Youth in Prison.

Sisters Incorporated and St' Anne's – Volunteers took the women from St Anne's for a tour of Parliament this month and the women opened up a lot more in this informal setting. Debates have also been taking place as a way of getting the women to be more interactive. For Valentines Day the women from St Anne's were taken to Kirstenbosch gardens for a day trip and treated to lunch and goody bags. Volunteers are also looking to do similar activities with the women at Sister Inc.

MyLife – Looking to start up a programme in 3 local communities, Manenberg, Nyanga and Gugulethu aiming to assist young males who are at a high risk of living on the street. PAHRO will be assisting MyLife with this programme which looks at the causes of homelessness rather than the end result.
Also PAHRO are looking to start work on developing a database of cases which need to be taken further. These are cases involving homeless individuals who are attacked by the public but once the case gets reported to the police, no further action is taken. There are also those who are afraid to report the case to the police. PAHRO also want to assist MyLife in following up on cases which have been taken further.

Empowerment of Young Women Programme (Now the School Youth Empowerment Programme) – The concept of this programme has been altered slightly due to a number of difficulties and realisations during the trial of the project. The project will now be known as the School Youth Empowerment Programme. The sessions began with a group of 40 grade 8 children but after conducting the first session they were found to be greatly lacking in their general knowledge. It was decided that the project must first look into focusing on developing the general knowledge of the youth with life orientation classes and then to move on to debates, mock trials and advocacy. The group is being split into 3 and volunteers are taking each group and focusing on a mock trial, debates and advocacy. The children lose interest extremely quickly and so it is going to be a challenge to prepare workshops which can hold their attention.

Khayelitsha – Volunteers dedicated one of their Fridays this month to help out with the clearance of a patch of land which is to be used as a vegetable garden. Volunteers got there hands dirty weeding and clearing away debris from the area. The vegetable garden will benefit the community greatly allowing children to be fed, the community to learn about how to grow their own produce and an income to be collected from the sale of the produce. This was a one off but volunteers found it to be rewarding work.

Lavender Hill – Volunteers are continuing to attend consultations on Tuesdays at Lavender Hill. Also we have had the go ahead for male volunteers to also visit the Lavender Hill sight and carry out consultations provided the women are pre warned. This was not possible before but will allow male volunteers, who wish to get involved, the opportunity to take part in this service that PAHRO offers to the community.

Manenberg – The 'movie night' was held with a group from Manenberg on the 14th February and proved to be successful. A new program is to be started in which volunteer will be working with 16-21 year olds over the following 2 months. Volunteers wish to teach these people some life skills and so workshops will be carried out on car maintenance, cooking, soccer and self defence. 'Movie night' will also be held on a regular basis which will involve an inspirational or at least relevant movie to those that are watching it. Although we want them to enjoy it we also want them to leave having learnt something or having something to think about.

Wynberg Magistrates Court Visits – Volunteers have been given the opportunity to visit the courts, take a tour and sit in on some of the cases that are being held there. If interest remains, this may be made a regular excursion for volunteers.

Sobamisana – This is a Christian organisation who approached PAHRO looking for new ideas and approaches to the work that they do. We have been in consultation with them and they are keen on maybe implementing the School Youth Empowerment Programme in the schools in which they work. There is also a meeting booked for the beginning of March to discuss the rights of disabled people and what work we can do in this area.

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