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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office – Cape Town, South Africa – Monthly Reports

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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office - Cape town - Monthly reports - December 2011

December is always a quiet month at PAHRO as many of our partner organisations are closed for Christmas and so projects are put on hold. Legal work is also slow as very few new clients come in over the Christmas and New Year period but also because follow ups on current cases are not possible due to the majority of companies and organisations that we need to get hold of shutting down for the Christmas holidays. Here are the updates on the few things that have been taking place this month.

Social Justice


Towards the beginning of the month volunteers had a Christmas party for the boys at Bonnytoun. They took Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree and crackers and had a great time. The boys responded well and seemed to enjoy the activities. The office has taken a couple of weeks off from Bonnytoun over Christmas and New Year but volunteers have used this time to do a lot of preparation work and organise their workshops for the New Year.

The Women’s Shelters: St Anne’s

This month saw the celebration of world Aids day. This led to a HIV/AIDS themed workshop with the women. There has been a fairly small turn out this month but the women that do attend always end up teaching our volunteers something, which is great. This creates a great two way relationship as it is not just us going in and talking at the women. It’s a discussion and both the women and our volunteers leave feeling that they’ve made a difference.

Manenberg Girls

This month saw the final result of the Hi Tea which was being prepared by the girls in Manenberg alongside our volunteers. It was held on a Saturday afternoon and although the turn out from the girls in Manenberg was not as big as we had maybe hoped, the afternoon went really well. There was food prepared along with tea and drinks. There was then the entertainment which included music and dance as well as some poetry recitals.

Legal Services

Lavender Hill

Lavender Hill was put on hold for Christmas and New Year and so we are currently not visiting the centre at Philisa Abifazi. However any serious issues that have been unable to wait until the New Year have been transferred straight to our office and we are opening the cases and consulting with the clients in the office.

South Africa Human Rights Management Plan

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