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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office – Cape Town, South Africa – Monthly Reports

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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office - Cape town - Monthly reports - September 2010

Bonnytoun – A place of safety for boys aged 12-18 who are awaiting trial. This month volunteers have been focusing on the 'citizenship challenge' which includes discussing citizens and citizenship, society and good life and crime and punishment.

  • Due to the low number of volunteers and that most volunteers are female we have had to change the direction of our involvement in Bonnytoun.
  • We have formed a new partnership with Young In Prison, a Dutch administered program based in Salt River, will allow us to join them to facilitate programs while we shift our focus.
  • Our focus will now be on monitoring and evaluating the cases of the boys in certain sections. Saturn 1, Saturn 2, Saturn 3, Jupiter 1 as well as the groups that Young In Prisons work with.

Sisters Incorporated – Due to the new influx of women at this shelter, volunteers have started afresh with their workshops. They have begun discussing basic human rights, women's rights and workers rights.

St' Annes – a low intake as well as two weeks of workshops and their Annual General Meeting has limited the number of workshops we have had to facilitate. The program has been split into two with one day being dedicated to the specific needs of the women and the other to a women leadership training manual called "Leading to Choices".

Peace by P.E.A.C.E – Volunteers are continuing to work through sessions with the same groups in Lavender Hill and Manenberg. This month the focus has been on communication negotiation skills, negotiation and compromise, dealing with bullying and diversity and co-operation.

Refugee Information Workshops – The workshops had to be put on hold at the beginning of the month due to the strike of teachers. However since the children returned to school volunteers have continued to visit different schools and grades in Khayelitsha to present the refugee workshop.

  • The school strike ended a 2 weeks before the school holidays started. The program will resume once schools re-open. The program has been modified to be shorter and more user friendly.

Youth Programme in Manenberg – This project is still continuing to bring change within the community of Manenberg. This month focusing on rebuilding parks and renovating the community.

  • After the success of the mock trial at the Selfhelp Manenberg Offices youth from Manenberg are undergoing training at our offices in order to host a mock trial on the 14th of October. In partnership with Advocate Deon Ruiters there is a possibility that the trial will be held at the Wynberg offices. Friends and family will be invited.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme in Khayelitsha – Volunteers have continued to build a working relationship with Siyakhatala, visiting vulnerable families and child-headed households within Khayelitsha to ensure that basic human rights are not being violated and to assist with social grants, access to healthcare and education.

Lavender Hill – The mobile clinic has seen many clients come for legal advice throughout September. A lot of new case files have been opened with women in the area.

South Africa Human Rights Management Plan

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