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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office – Cape Town, South Africa – Monthly Reports

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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office - Cape town - Monthly reports - October 2010

Bonnytoun – A place of safety for boys aged 12-18 who are pre-trial, awaiting trial or have been sentenced. For the past month PAHRO has been formalising its partnership with Young in Prison (YiP). The focus has shifted away from working with the different groups to focusing more on an after-school intervention. Three volunteers joined volunteers of YiP in planning workshops for Bonnytoun. The first week of workshops will commence in the first week of November.

Sisters Incorporated and St' Anne's – Due to the new influx of women at these two shelters, volunteers have started afresh with their workshops. Two volunteers from the office went every Wednesday with the focus this month being on the rights of women, workers rights and education. Positive feedback has been received from the women participating.

Peace by P.E.A.C.E – With exams approaching we have scaled back on facilitating workshops. We will be conducting new workshops in Khayelitsha in November.

Youth Programme in Manenberg – The staff from Selfhelp Manenberg went through a Strategic Development process in October. Our main program partnership will focus on working with youth that are at risk of entering gangs. A review of the past year indicated where there have been successes and where obstacles prevented us from achieving our goals. An incentive based program seems to work best and will be developed in partnership with SHM.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme in Khayelitsha – October has been program development in Khayelitsha. Two manuals are in the process of being developed that will assist a) volunteers in the home visits and b) teachers in the identification of children that are being neglected or abused. Volunteers are focussing on developing procedures that can be implemented. With our assistance applications have submitted to secure a food garden as well as food donations for the after-care program.

Lavender Hill – The mobile clinic has seen many clients come for legal advice throughout October. A lot of new case files have been opened with women in the area.

Mock trial – Having had to cancel the first mock trial we identified a youth group in Khayelitsha to run the mock trial. Nine youths have been identified and for the last two weeks in October they have been taking part in the workshops. A very positive response from the youth as well as passionate volunteers indicates that the mock trial workshops are set to become a feature of this office.

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