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International Law & Human Rights Internships

Law & Human rights Internships
  • Role: Assisting lawyers at law firms or NGOs that provide legal services, or actively participating in campaigns to raise awareness of human rights issues.
  • Requirements: None for Argentina, Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania.
    Some related experience for China, Jamaica, Mongolia (Law, Human Rights), Morocco, and Senegal.
    French skills for Senegal, and Togo. French or Arabic skills for Morocco.
    Interns must be a minimum of 18 years old to participate in China and Jamaica.
Project Info

International Law & Human Rights internships with Projects Abroad give you the opportunity to work on legislation and make a difference in other people’s lives. You can become part of a vital resource by providing legal services to businesses, community organizations, or individuals.

If you’re interested in a career in the notoriously competitive legal profession, an international law internship with a well-respected law firm abroad could be a valuable addition to your resume.

We offer a wide variety of internships abroad suitable for law graduates, law professionals wishing to take a career break, law students (during their vacation period) and people who have completed a law conversion course.

In some destinations, we also have internships for pre-university students thinking of joining the legal profession and people with no formal law experience who have good communication skills and a desire to work in the field of human rights.

These international law internships with Projects Abroad enable you to gain a unique insight into day-to-day legal practice and the rules of law while working in well-respected legal organizations in Africa or Asia.

Please let us know if you have any preferences so we can match you to the most appropriate internship.

Law Internships Abroad

International Law Internships

There are many different opportunities on our legal internships abroad so that each experience is truly unique. Before you embark on one of our law internships, you should know that you will be entering a professional working environment in which you’ll have plenty of deadlines and responsibilities. Based with a well-respected legal organization, you’ll be expected to represent the firm in the same way that any other employee would.

Typically your work will involve several elements. Certainly we will find an internship that suits your specific areas of legal interest. You could be attending court sessions regularly and be asked to both monitor and report on the proceedings. You’ll probably be involved in all kinds of law related activities, such as undertaking research, report writing, visiting rural clients, giving presentations in schools or other community groups, or even making use of the local media!

"In Shanghai there was a real sense of comradeship, when a new volunteer arrived we would make sure one of us was there to met him/her at the flat and then we would make sure we made them feel at ease. That is one of the best things about doing a Projects Abroad project, the chance to forge long and lasting friendships."

Tom Henry, Law Intern in China

While some internships are only open to people with law experience, other programs such as in Ghana or South Africa allow you to do much more than push papers. All of our legal internships abroad are demanding and must be taken seriously. You’re likely to be working normal office hours and will be welcomed as a valued part of the team.

Human Rights Internships Abroad

We will take into account your specific areas of legal interest when we find you an internship abroad. In China, interns have worked in banking law, mergers, acquisitions, corporate intellectual property, taxation and insolvency.

In Ghana or South Africa we offer expanding human rights programs. Your work might involve educating abused women or taxi drivers about their rights, monitoring an election procedure or looking at police reform.

Although your experiences will be unique, sometimes there’s nothing better than reading about how other people have benefited from their law internship abroad. To help you give you a better idea of what you may do overseas, here are some more testimonials:

"China is an exciting and amazing place. The people, the culture, everything. Projects Abroad is the only way to do what I have done. I really appreciated the support of your team in Shanghai."

Juliet Raine, Law Intern in China


"My accommodation was brilliant - much better than expected, and Shanghai was as brilliant. Projects Abroad was excellent for me. You sorted out any problems, proved to be flexible and understanding and brought the volunteers together. I would definitely recommend Projects Abroad!"

"The time I had in China really opened my mind to other cultures and other ways of life. But it was not all about this, it was also about making friends and having a completely awesome time!"

Tom Henry, Law Intern in China

Click here to read full testimonials from others who have joined international law internships with Projects Abroad.

Group Law & Human Rights Projects for High School Students

For teen volunteers, Law & Human Rights projects are available as Law & Human Rights High School Special programs. High School Specials are designed for volunteers aged 16-19 to join a group of their peers working together under the guidance of our local staff.

Volunteering Abroad as a Professional on a Law & Human Rights Project

If you are a professional and want to put your skills to use on a Law & Human Rights project, Projects Abroad has a skilled and qualified arm called Projects Abroad PRO. Our main focus is to match your skills with our partner organizations' needs. Please visit the Law & Human Rights Projects for Professionals section for more information.

Law & Human Rights project destinations:

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