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Film Production Internships in Tanzania

  • Placement location: Arusha
  • Placement Types: Film production
  • Role: To work alongside a team of teachers helping students learn the art of film making and producing.
  • Requirements: Interns are required to have completed at least one year of studies in film production, media, or a closely related topic.
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

Projects Abroad Film Production project in Tanzania is for students and professionals with experience in media, journalism, or a related subject who have a passion for film production. Enthusiastic and motivated interns with some experience are needed to help lead film production workshops, participate in training sessions, and expose local youth to the opportunities involved in film production in Africa. This project is a great way to gain experience while working for a worthwhile cause.

Volunteer works with locals to create a project for the film production program in Tanzania

Volunteers work with a local youth organization, founded in 2007, that is dedicated to teaching film production to local Tanzanians who come from underprivileged backgrounds. The organization is eager to receive interns from all over the world so that they can generate new ideas and learn from other filmmakers on the creative and technical aspects of film production.

Whether you have just graduated, are on summer vacation or a gap year, or are taking a career break you can share your knowledge and learn about film production abroad.

Interning Abroad for Filmmaking in Tanzania

The youth training institute where you will work as a Film Production intern focuses on empowering and training young people in all aspects of filmmaking, including editing, sound, design for audio-visual products, creative storytelling, film and television production and television journalism. As an intern, you will assist in all of these areas, helping the students to produce their own films and TV channels concerning different topics that have inspired them.

Volunteers work in local villages in Tanzania for the filmmaking project

Every year, approximately 45 Tanzanian students, aged from about 18 – 25 years old, are selected to take part in a special training course. During this course, students will be taught a wide range of subjects including audio-visual production, social media, and graphic design. Students will also be involved in the production of advertisements, documentaries, and TV shows for local based clients. The income received for these projects help fund the educational portion of the project. In 2017, the institution won two excellence awards for productions that were made.

As an intern, you will play a fundamental role when it comes to interacting with and helping to train these young people. You will assist local staff in teaching the students technical skills and knowledge about film, as well as social skills, life skills, and creative skills. The course is free to local students from low-income families.

Incorporating creativity, presentation skills and, general life skills into the curriculum allows the students to reflect on their own lives and culture, making them better equipped to embrace the opportunities they have in front of them. Interns are encouraged to spend time with small groups of students and exchange ideas, skills, and cultural differences with both the local staff and students.

Experience and a strong interest in film production are essential when it comes to getting involved in this project. Interns accepted on this project are required to have completed at least one year of studies in film production, media, or a closely related topic. This is a fun and worthwhile project. Bring energy, creativity, and an open mind and you will learn the most and your help will be greatly appreciated.

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