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Boost your Employability with Volunteering and Interning Abroad

We live in a world where entering the work force after graduation is more challenging every year. Having related experience or relevant skills is something that employers are actively looking for on CVs and resumes. Gain this kind of experience and set yourself apart from everyone else by volunteering or interning abroad. Discover the options available to you by looking at the type of programmes we offer or explore the countries where we work.

Volunteer on a Medical Internship in Vietnam

The combination of international experience, independent travel, a broadened skill set, and volunteer work on your CV is a great way to make sure that your application makes an impact. This is true for different situations, whether you are applying to university, looking for a job, or making the decision to switch to a different field mid-career.

Finding a programme that fits your career goals

All of our programmes have something to offer for career development. For example, pre-med students participating in Medicine & Healthcare Projects observe doctors and learn about treatments and diseases that may not exist in their home countries. Their enhanced medical knowledge gives them valuable experience to add to medical school applications. A professional business consultant interested in branching out into journalism can join a Journalism Project, getting practical experience and building a portfolio of work that stands out. The possibilities are endless!

We have partnerships around the world in a variety of fields that you can volunteer or intern in:

  • Teaching: Work in classrooms abroad at schools and language centres with students of all ages. Our volunteers teach a range of subjects, from English, IT, Music, French, and more.
  • Care: Work with children, teenagers, and adults and provide the support they need. This can take the form of helping with Early Childhood Development in day care centres, raising literacy levels in schools, and caring for the disabled at special needs centres.
  • Medicine & Healthcare: Observe and learn from medical professionals at hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres in different areas that include Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and more.
  • Journalism: Work at a newspaper, radio station, or online media house alongside local journalists, editors, photographers, and other staff. Use this experience to boost your skills and build a portfolio of work.
  • Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care: Learn more about the field of clinical animal care by working at a clinic or shelter abroad. You could find yourself observing a vet as they perform a sterilisation in Romania, accompanying vets on a visit to a farm in Sri Lanka, or caring for giant pandas in China!
  • Microfinance: Support local entrepreneurs and help them run small businesses that will allow them to become financially independent. You will help with business plans, basic accounting or give advice to budding entrepreneurs.

The benefits of volunteering or interning abroad

Volunteer on a Teaching Project to teach English abroad

Regardless of where you go or which project you join, the overall experience will have a big impact on you. Our extensive experience with volunteers has taught us that you can expect to:

  • Enhance your current skills and learn new ones
  • Get a new perspective on global issues and issues specific to developing countries
  • Work with others and boost your interpersonal and communication skills
  • Improve your response to challenging situations through the creative problem solving you may encounter at your project
  • Network with international volunteers and Projects Abroad staff and partners
  • Have the opportunity to get a professional PADI Divemaster certification if you are participating in a Diving & Marine Conservation Project.

When you finish your project, our staff will be happy to provide you with references or arrange for references from project partners. We can also advise you if you need to fulfill university requirements.

Hear from previous volunteers

Getting international work experience with us has opened doors for hundreds of our former volunteers and interns. You can read some of their stories below.

"I learnt how physiotherapy can benefit those severely affected by disabilities, how to overcome difficult communication barriers, the importance of observation and how to act creatively on the spot! I am more confident in my abilities to assess and treat children." - Jennifer Pain - Physiotherapy in Cambodia

Getting in touch with Projects Abroad

For more information on our internships and volunteer projects, contact our Programme Advisors. They will answer your questions and help you find the project that fits your needs and interests.

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