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Tropical Dry Forest Conservation & Community Volunteering in Costa Rica for Teens

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  • Placement location: Barra Honda National Park
  • Types of placements: National Park and elementary school
  • Accommodation: Shared Dormitory
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old

Volunteer with Projects Abroad on the Conservation & Community High School Special in Costa Rica. You will have the opportunity to time to support children and teachers at local elementary schools, and participate in important conservation efforts in a tropical dry forest national park. The work you do will leave a lasting impact in the community and environment long after you have left. This project is also a great opportunity to explore the local culture in Costa Rica.

Conservation Volunteering in Costa Rica for High School Students

Help with reforestation on the Tropical Dry Forest Project for Teens in Costa RicaThe conservation leg of your volunteer trip will take place at the Barra Honda National Park, a 2,995-hectare area of tropical dry rainforest, where you will live and work under the supervision of Projects Abroad staff. Your activities will contribute to continued conservation efforts to preserve animal and plant species in a rich biodiverse setting. You will live and work under the supervision of Projects Abroad staff. The conservation activities you will get involved with can include:

  • Trekking and caving with staff and professional guides in the Terciopelo Cave
  • Assisting staff with the capture and identification of bats using a Harp Trap in a cave
  • Capturing and identifying butterflies, using hand or fruit traps
  • Identifying different monkey groups
  • Taking part in a caterpillar survey
  • Helping with reforestation efforts by planting seeds and trees

Community Volunteering in Costa Rica for High School Students

Capture and identify caterpillar species on the Conservation & Community High School Special in Costa Rica

The other half of your volunteer work in Costa Rica will be at a local elementary school located in Corral de Piedra, a small community near the Barra Honda National Park. Here, you will work with children between the ages of 6 and 12. You will assist teachers in the classroom where needed, and bring a fresh energy into the classroom. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to be creative when interacting with the children and facilitating lessons, both in and out of the classroom. This can include songs, educational games, sports and any other fun physical activities.

During your stay, you will live with other high school volunteers from around the world in shared accommodation. After a busy day of work, you and your new friends will have time to exchange stories about the day, and about your home countries. Share conversations over delicious local meals, and make international friends for life.

Aside from your volunteer work, we have organized some exciting social activities for you. These include cooking classes, movie nights, and playing local games. There will also be a weekend beach clean-up activity at Baulas Marine National Park, followed by a trip to the beautiful Nacascolo beach!

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