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Diving & Marine Conservation in Thailand for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday August 9th 2020 - Saturday August 22nd 2020
2 weeks
  • Sunday December 20th 2020 - Saturday January 2nd 2021

  • Placement location: Ao Nang
  • Types of placements: Projects Abroad Conservation Site
  • Accommodation: Guesthouse
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Krabi (KBV)
  • Local Languages: Thai

If you're interested in marine life and want to try living on the beach, this project is perfect for you!

Projects Abroad marine conservation volunteers prepare to dive for a fish survey in Thailand

All volunteers on our conservation project in Thailand will be met by one of our staff members in Krabi, just 20km from Ao Nang where the project is based. You will complete a three-day Open Water course to qualify you to dive. In the initial stages when you're in shallow water, you'll learn how to breathe, clear your mask, and equalize pressure. You will also become familiar with the buddy system and using underwater sign language.

Once you have your diving certification, your efforts are rewarded by descending into a stunning underwater world of tropical fish, turtles, sea urchins, and corals. By observing and analyzing reef damage and fish populations, you play a part in conserving this precious ecosystem off the coast of South West Thailand. You will also help with a beach clean up and take part in mangrove reforestation work.

During the two weeks you may also have the chance to visit a market, have a Thai massage, and go kayaking.

After your two weeks you will return home with a universally recognized qualification, a wealth of diving experience, and the knowledge that you have made a useful contribution to the preservation of a wonderful marine ecosystem.

This project is also available as a 4-week program on select dates. If you stay longer, you will be able to spend more time at your placement and with your fellow volunteers, and participate in more diving activities. You will also be taken on more weekend trips, allowing you to experience the local culture further and do more sightseeing.

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