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Care & Panda Protection Project in China

Project Info
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  • Placement location: Chengdu and Ya’an
  • Types of placements: Care Centre and Dujiangyan Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
  • Accommodation: Guest House/Volunteer Apartment
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Chengdu (CTU)
  • Local Languages: Mandarin

High School Special volunteer plays games with school girls on an Animal Care project in China

Panda at an animal sanctuary where High School Special Animal Care volunteers work during school breaks

The Projects Abroad Care & Panda project needs volunteers who are interested in caring for children and working with pandas in the rapidly changing country of China. Volunteers will spend a week working with children at a care centre and another week working with pandas.

As a volunteer on the Care & Panda project, you have the unique opportunity to work with the world’s most recognizable endangered species at the Dujiangyan Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding for one week. Volunteers can be involved in a variety of tasks, including preparing food for pandas, cleaning out enclosures, and observing panda behaviour.

During your other week on this program you work at a care centre in Chengdu, one of China’s thriving cities. Volunteers help the local staff by playing games with the children and helping them with basic education. As a volunteer you will be adding to the children’s quality of life, not only through the development of their social skills, but also by exposing them to new cultures and ideas.

While working at the panda project you stay in a guest house. During your week working at the Care project, you stay in a shared volunteer apartment or at a local guest house.

Over the weekend you will get the opportunity to visit the Du Jiang Yan water project, the Leshan Giant Buddha, or spend a day exploring more of the city sites that Chengdu has to offer.

High School Specials Impact Report

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