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Care & Community in China

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday July 12th 2020 - Saturday July 25th 2020
  • Sunday July 26th 2020 - Saturday August 8th 2020

  • Placement location: Shanghai
  • Types of placements: Care Centres and Special Needs Centres
  • Accommodation: Hostel/Volunteer Apartment
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Shanghai (PVG)
  • Local Languages: Mandarin

Do volunteer work with children in China for teenagers and support the work of local staff at your placement. You’ll focus on encouraging children to learn through play, and be an extra pair of helping hands for staff. This is a great way to help people while traveling and gaining practical experience at the same time.  

Teen volunteer plays patty cake with students during school break on a Care & Community project in China

You’ll work with children and young teens in primary and high schools. Many of the schools we work with are understaffed, and your help can make a big difference in what we can do for each person. You’ll run English classes, organize educational activities and play sports with the students. When you aren't in the classroom, you'll do light renovation work, like painting a classroom, or help clean up the surrounding areas.

You’ll live and work in Shanghai with teenagers your age, and stay together in a same-sex dormitory at your placement. When you’re not working, we’ve organized cultural and social activities to keep you busy, along with an exciting weekend trip. All activities are supervised and organized by Projects Abroad staff.


Is community volunteer work in China for teenagers right for me?

Community volunteer work in China is a good fit for you if you enjoy working with children. Use your energy to support the kids, and get your hands dirty when doing practical renovation work. Best of all, you’ll get to do this while traveling with the safety of a group and constant supervision from Projects Abroad staff.  

This is a great way to add child care experience to your resume, which could help your future career. It will also help you stand out in applications and interviews, as it will show your commitment to helping others. In addition, this experience will give you some independence, and develop your teamwork and communication skills.

You don’t need any experience to join. This project is specifically designed for young people your age, and the local staff will teach you everything you need to know.

This High School Special runs over fixed dates in the summer, and you can pick the dates that best fits your schedule.  We have a set itinerary and extra staff support. This means that from the moment you arrive at the airport in-country, everything is organized for you. 

What will I do on this project?

You’ll work with children and young teens at local primary and high schools. Your main focus will be on teaching classes and encouraging the students. These are some ways you will get involved:

  • Run educational activities for the students
  • Roll up your sleeves and get involved with community work
  • Get to know teenage volunteers from around the world during social activities and weekend trips

Your work will focus on the following areas:

Run educational activities for students at your placement

Your main focus will to be run educational activities for the students. These games should be focused on getting the young ones to learn through play, and encouraging the teens to interact during classes. You can do things like:

  • Play a game of hopscotch to teach numbers
  • Teach hand-eye coordination through a ball game
  • Practice English through role play games and drama classes
  • Encourage teach work through sports

Roll up your sleeves and get involved with community work

Community volunteer work for teenagers in China will also include renovation work at your placement or general chores. Give a drab looking wall a splash of color, help with simple chores like sweeping, or take part in a community clean-up in a public space, like a park. We strongly recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

Get to know teenage volunteers from the world during social activities and weekend trips

Volunteer work with children for teenagers in China will also give you the opportunity to meet people your age from all over the world! You’ll do things like:

  • Have a Mandarin lesson
  • Visit the fake market
  • Stroll through east Nanjing road shopping street
  • Visit Yuyuan Garden
  • Visit Chenghuang temple
  • Walk around Qibao old town
  • Attend dumpling making class
  • Calligraphy classes

These moments are perfect to strike up a conversation with someone from another part of the world and become friends. 

Where in China will I work?


Our Childcare & Community High School Special is located in Shanghai.

The city is the largest in China by population size with an amazing 24 million people! As a big city, Shanghai is always bustling with activity and people walking through the streets no matter the time of day. You’ll quickly get used to the rapid pace of things, from the way people walk to how quickly your meal is served at one of the many Chinese restaurants.

You will work with children at a primary school and with the younger teenagers at a local high school. You’ll live with the other volunteers in a shared dormitory at your placement school. When you are not working, we have plenty of social and cultural activities to keep you busy, along with a weekend trip. Through it all, Projects Abroad staff will be by your side. Enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of China with us!




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