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Building in Tanzania for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday July 19th 2020 - Saturday August 1st 2020
  • Sunday August 2nd 2020 - Saturday August 15th 2020

  • Placement location: Arusha
  • Types of placements: Day care centre and schools
  • Accommodation: Host family or guest house
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old

Build a nursery school in Tanzania as a High School Special volunteer

Travel to Tanzania as a teenager to help build a nursery school for children in a disadvantaged Maasai Village near the city of Arusha. Building this nursery school is extremely important for the community, because other schools and educational centres are far away from the village. The nursery school will provide a safe space for children in the village to learn and grow, and will encourage them to stay in school.

You project work will be comprised of building classrooms and clean and safe toilets at the new nursery school, as well as at other schools in the community. You will also assist with the renovation of our Maasai School that was built by our volunteers, and that we run and fund.

As a Building volunteer, you will work alongside a local professional construction worker who will teach you everything you need to know, from building methods to how to use locally sourced building materials. The building activities you will take part in can include:

Help build a school for a Maasai community on the High School Special Building Project in Tanzania

  • Digging foundations
  • Mixing cement
  • Building walls
  • Constructing roofs
  • Painting and decorating

As an extra and activity, and to do something different from your regular building, you will also build a chicken coop for the nursery school. Keeping chickens will be a source of food and income for the children and staff.

During your stay, you will get to experience the daily life in a traditional African city while living in Arusha. You will live with a host family or at a guesthouse. Take part in cultural activities like learning drumming techniques, traditional dancing, and spend your time exploring the beautiful landscapes of Tanzania.

This African country has a rich cultural history, and there are many exciting and interesting activities to do. While you walk through the city, you will notice the historical colonial influence in the architecture and markets, contrasted with older tribal traditions. We have organized a trip for you to one of the many national parks, where you will get to see Tanzania’s breath-taking landscapes and wildlife.

High School Specials Impact Report

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