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Conservation and Environment in Costa Rica: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2014

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update - November - December 2014

2014 was a great year for us – the rainy season finished and the strong winds from the north heralded the coming summer. This means less water in the rivers, trees without leaves but full of flowers, and wildlife looking for spring water in the primary forest of the park.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update - September - October 2014

From the last 2 months we have great reports from our projects and research. We have been working hard on two bat projects, our camera traps have taken amazing photos and videos, and our terrace is has been completed.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update – July - August 2014

This month was an unusually dry month considering that it is currently the wet season in Costa Rica. Normally during this season, it rains almost every day but, in August, we have hardly had any rain at all. Nevertheless, the climate is tropical so very humid and we still sweat a lot during work. We continue in our work to build a terrace for the volunteers and we are also finishing the bio-gardens at the schools.

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – May - June 2014

The last few weeks at Barra Honda have been busy. We are in the last stages of many projects and are also starting new projects. However, we are worried because we are waiting for rain. This rain was expected to start in May and many mammals in the park need it for survival.

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – March - April 2014

With the onset of the rainy season in the north of the country the end of the wildfire season in the Barra Honda National Park comes as well, however, there were still fires in places like Las Delicias and the Flower Hill. The staff of Projects Abroad is part of the group fighting forest fires in the park.

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – January-February 2014

We continue working to obtain the ecological blue flag for all the schools around the Barra Honda National Park. But what is the blue flag? The blue flag is a prize awarded by the Costa Rican government to schools that demonstrate environmental awareness and teach sustainable development and it is here that we at Projects Abroad participate by giving talks and workshops on nature and how to protect it.

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