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Conservation and Environment in Costa Rica: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2009

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update November 2009

As the New Year approaches we are beginning preparations for an even better year than the one that is just passing. During November we focused a lot moving the butterfly project further forward getting ready for an even larger project next year.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update October 2009

October has been another very good month here in the park, although the rains have been falling harder than anyone expected we have been continuing many of our projects and have begun some very interesting phases of established projects.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update September 2009

September has been another hard month in Barra Honda, with the rains coming and going at random times we have been trying to avoid the heavy downpours but still get as much work done as possible.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update August 2009

Ever since the rains started a couple of months ago the forest in and around Barra Honda have sprung to life, even though we have what is locally called the wet season's summer (a period of 3-4 weeks where it doesn't rain at all) there has still been enough rain to change the forest around us.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update July 2009

July has been a very interesting month for us here in Costa Rica. Months of planning, meetings, modifications and phone calls all to organise the work, accommodation and trips for our busiest month of the year!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update June 2009

Although June hasn't been the busiest time for us in terms of volunteers, we have still been incredibly busy continuing the work that has already been started, finishing certain projects around the park and setting up our butterfly project.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update May 2009

After such busy months since January we honestly expected May to be a time where we could all relax a little and take stock of the start of our first solid year here in the park, but even though we had times with only 1 volunteer we managed to keep pushing forward and managed to make some big break-throughs!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update April 2009

March and April have been such busy times here at the park that I honestly can't remember where the time has gone!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update March 2009

As this is my first article since arriving in Costa Rica in November 2008 I thought a brief explanation would be necessary, not just about myself but about the park that Projects Abroad is working in.

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