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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update April 2011

Newly hatched turtle

We are getting close to the start of another exciting high season for the turtle nest collection work. We are hoping to have an excellent year. The planning and repairs have taken place, now we just have to wait for the rains to finally come.

Arrival of new volunteers.

We have been pleased to welcome the arrival of 8 new volunteers during April. Even though the season for turtle collection is not at its peak yet, it is important to mention how valuable their help is. We really appreciate the time and effort of all the volunteers here, and we hope you have a great time with us.

Crocodile farm.

Released hatchlings

Two months after mating the American Crocodiles (cocodrylus acutus) have started to lay their precious eggs in the areas surrounding the lagoon. The time has come again to monitor the laying time in order to collect the nests which can then be buried in a safer area. We put them in an area where we can check on them constantly. The main idea for this, is that if nests were  left in the wild, once the baby crocodiles are born their chances for survival would be scarce.  After a period that can last from 2 to 3 months the new offspring hatch out, and there are likely to be around 50 newborn baby crocodiles.

Easter holidays

Sunset from the camp

But it’s not all been hard work this month, during the Easter holidays we had chance to celebrate a little and we had a party during a visit of some of the staff from the Guadalajara office. Alex (or Bob as some of us call him) came to help us out during the holidays. It’s great for the full time conservation staff to get a new perspective on things, when the other staff visit. Bob even had a chance to join us to break the piñata!

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
April 2011
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