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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2011

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update November/December 2011

With over 2050 nests collected in 2011, we are proud to say that the aims for this year regarding our turtle conservation program have been achieved. Despite the unpredictable weather that occurred in the latter part of the year, and thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, our efforts to help protect these wonderful creatures have really paid off.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update October 2011

As we are now reaching now the last quarter of 2011 I can't believe how fast the time has flown by this year. We are proud to announce that we are still on target with our goals regarding the turtle conservation, and it looks like we may even surpass the achievements of last year, with over 1825 nests being buried in the corral (incubation area) so far.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update August/September 2011

High season for the Olive Ridley turtles.
Finally the high season for turtle nest collection is here, and at the Projects Abroad Turtle camp we feel really glad that we have a chance once more to be part of the effort to preserve large numbers of the Olive Ridley species.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update June 2011

After a very long dry season, Mother Nature decided to deliver some much needed rain, and boy did she do just that! By the third week of June the torrential rains commenced giving us a good soaking, and marking the official beginning of our high season for turtle nest protection.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update May 2011

It doesn't happen very often, but a few weeks ago the PROFEPA (Federal agency for environmental protection) brought to camp an adult Olive Ridley specimen that had several injuries to its shell. It had been found lying on a northern beach barely moving so was brought to the camp to be kept under observation.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update April 2011

We are getting close to the start of another exciting high season for the turtle nest collection work. We are hoping to have an excellent year. The planning and repairs have taken place, now we just have to wait for the rains to finally come.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update February/March 2011

Turtle Conservation Program.
Once again we are coming to that point in the year when we have to start to get all our equipment ready in order to maximize the results we obtain from the nest collection in the high season. The equipment must be ready to meet the adverse conditions and in order to do this a total check up is in order.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update December/January 2011

Biodiversity Study
To get more elaborate and detailed results of the data we collect in the lagoon, in February, we will have a visit from the Biologist and Bird Specialist Pablo Lobera. Pablo will be helping us learn more about new data bases as well as new sighting and catching/release techniques.

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