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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update March 2010

Volunteers on the beach

We have been concentrating on the restoration of all of our facilities this month, making life at camp a bit more comfortable. With an enthusiastic group of volunteers even the chores can become fun and as well as productive and it has become a custom that after a hard day's labor a volleyball match takes place.


The number of turtles has been decreasing as we are getting to the low season for the turtles, even so there are occasionally turtle sightings as they release their precious eggs and patrols must carry on as normal. Every now and then our volunteers have the opportunity to release little turtle hatchlings into the vast ocean, this activity is always a favorite for the volunteers.

Newly hatched turtle

The mating season for crocodiles is about to start, the monitoring of possible nesting areas has started and hopefully we will collect precious crocodile nests in order to control the birth rate of every nest. At the moment we are conducting a weekly check up along the lagoon shore and we have been able to spot at least 3 possible Moreletti crocodile nest areas and a couple of Acutus crocodile area clean ups. The proper monitoring for plausible nesting areas is of high importance in order to know when to collect the eggs, disturbing to a minimum the regular activities the female crocodile might have while it keeps her eggs safe from harm.


Our species monitoring in the lagoon is still one of our main prerogatives, we maintain constant presence in the Chupadero lagoon and have spotted over 90 species. Every sighting becomes as exciting as if it was the first time we spotted that very same species for the first time. The scenery is gorgeous, and the tranquility you feel when you cruise through the lagoon gives you a sensation that can’t be compared to anything else. Our volunteers at the moment find it very attractive, as the variety of bird species is breathtaking right now with the arrival of stationary birds that make their way to the south using the lagoon as a stop, giving us the opportunity to spot them while they take on their regular activities. It is also nice to hear once again the sound created by the whistling ducks on a nice afternoon just before sunset.

Camp at sunset

This Easter holidays gave us the opportunity to do a little "crossover" between our conservation volunteers and the volunteers that support the Guadalajara city projects. This is because during Easter the schools shut down for a couple of weeks giving some of the teaching and care volunteers a chance to visit us and take a peek at the work we develop here at the Tecoman Conservation project. Over 16 volunteers had a chance to interact, meet each other and work together, an opportunity they wouldn't have had on their own projects. Lots of laughs and many lasting friendships came as a result of this time. I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank them for their help during their visit!

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
March 2010
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