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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update February 2010

Leatherback hatchling

Hello all!

Once again we have had the amazing opportunity to release the very rare leatherback hatchlings, that came out from one of the nests collected by the end of this last year!

The chance to see these creatures getting back to the ocean is a unique and rare thing to experience, something the volunteers really appreciated. The leatherback one of the highest priorities in wildlife conservation and is extremely endangered.

Newly finished boat

It is also such a pleasure for us as staff to see the volunteers releasing the leatherback hatchlings, it symbolizes the reach of our goals as an organisation. Thanks to all involved for their hard work!

In other projects, at the end of January we have been able to continue and improve our biodiversity project with the addition of a new boat! This boat was completely restored by the invaluable efforts of our volunteers, without which this could not have happened.

In regards to the Crocodile farm, here is a little excerpt of a letter delivered from them appreciating the crucial volunteer work at the project.

"To whom it may concern:

We display our most wide and sincere gratitude to the company PROJECTS ABROAD, that through the staff have supported this project in a constant way during the last 3 years with the valuable collaboration of their volunteer groups in the handling and feeding of the Crocodile offspring which this Crocodile farm count with, that are:

Volunteers working on the boat

River Crocodile (Crocodylus Acutus) and Swamp Crocodile (Crocodylus Moreletti) as well in the specific data collection (size, weight, sex, etc.)

Participating as well in the branding of specimens to have a better control of their development, putting them in order by age, sex and species inside the Farm facilities.

Working as well in the facilities maintenance work, from the cleaning of the perimeter fence, painting and restoration of the metallic structure to the cleaning of the aqua terrariums (pools) where the breeding steep are kept.

Taking in Consideration the importance of the Wild Life Conservation has in a World and Regional level, with special attention to the Risk category in which Crocodiles are found. It is of great utility to count with your support due to the very limited economic resources the UMA (Environmental Handling Unit) has.

Taking measurements


"The Working Group”
Apolinar Espinoza García.
Emilio Urieta Sanabria.
J. Jesús Pérez García
MVZ. J. Jesús Pérez De La Mora.
Ing. Rafael Villegas García
Sustentable Use Director SEMARNAT.'

Once again, we are looking forward for a brand new year of constant and exciting activities!

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
February 2010
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