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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2010

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update November 2010

I can't believe that we are approaching the end of the year again. At this moment we are glad to report that so far we have collected over 17 Leatherback nests this season. This is a very important number as we remain in the early stages of the Leatherback season. The nesting cycles of the Leatherbacks are very different to that of the Olive Ridley, as they lay in cycles of 3 or 4 years, making them much rarer, so every nest we collect is to be treasured.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update September 2010

As part of the Independence Bicentenary Celebrations, the state of Colima through their SEMARNAT (Environmental and Natural Resources Delegation) is due to declare the Mangrove Area known as El Chupadero, as a Bicentenary Eco-touristic park. This will implement a new set of activities that will promote a conservationist consciousness in their visitors.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update June/July 2010

The Rains are here. There are not enough words able to express how grateful we are regarding the visits we have been having from the volunteers in the 2 Weeks Special program. The boost to the project is amazing, and the camp is improving dramatically.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update April/May 2010

Waiting for the rains to come. We're now almost half way though the year! The maintenance work on our camp facilities has been completed; this would not have been possible without the help of all the volunteers. Now we can enjoy all the improvements and are ready for the future volunteers to come and help us over the next few months.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update March 2010

We have been concentrating on the restoration of all of our facilities this month, making life at camp a bit more comfortable. With an enthusiastic group of volunteers even the chores can become fun and as well as productive and it has become a custom that after a hard day's labor a volleyball match takes place.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update February 2010

Hello all! Once again we have had the amazing opportunity to release the very rare leatherback hatchlings, that came out from one of the nests collected by the end of this last year! The chance to see these creatures getting back to the ocean is a unique and rare thing to experience, something the volunteers really appreciated. The leatherback one of the highest priorities in wildlife conservation and is extremely endangered.

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