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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update October 2009

Crocodile farm

Our Conservation projects are reaching their final stages for 2009. Our Biodiversity Study has received recognition and the Ramsar site declaration gave the Lagoon "El Chupadero" the acknowledgment it deserved. The State SEMARNAT office is now supporting the site with a temporary jobs program encouraging local people to come and help with cleaning and maintaining some of the most distant areas of the site.

The Crocodile farm has become one of the most beautiful and attractive eco-tourist projects in the Tecoman area. The numbers of people visiting increases every day. The changes we have helped to make are truly impressive. I remember the first time I visited the place back in 2005 and the friendly and humble treatment I received from the owner "Don Chuy". Back then the crocodile far, had no recognition from the local authorities; nowadays the project has one of the most amazing infrastructures in the State. I am truly grateful to the owners who have allowed us to still be part of it, and whose attitude has not changed a bit toward us and our aims.

Newly hatched turtle

We also received a visit from Alexa Anderson this month. Alexa was a volunteer on the Conservation Project in Mexico back in the summer of 2004. She has now returned to Mexico to work as a member of staff and she'll be making regular visits to the Conservation project during her stay.

We are now reaching the last part of the turtle high season. Hurricane Rick and its effects on the wind and tides on the beach brought a significant amount of turtles out to lay their eggs. We have reached nest number 1732 buried at the camp corral. This has not beat our best ever total but including the nests buried by the Tecuanillo Beach crew (located at the north end of the area we patrol) the total number is now over 2100.

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
October 2009
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