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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update August 2009

The corral

2009 has been a very busy year. The activities at the conservation project have increased and we are now reaching the peak of our 4th turtle arrival high season in the area. There is a lot to do still and at the moment we are right in the busiest time.

The work in camp is constant, as patrols must go all night long and nests buried right in the middle of the night, and very early in the morning as we return.

Turtle moving up the beach

This will increase the survival rates in the incubation area. Also, as the number of dead grown turtles on the beaches of Mexico has increased, we have been encouraged by the national council of natural protected areas to add some modifications to our collection files. We will now have a special section intended to report the condition of every specimen that appears in our area.

The lagoon

We are planning to increase the number of activities relating to our biodiversity study of the newly declared Ramsar site "The Chupadero" lagoon. As a suggestion from our European Recruitment Manager, Frank Siedel, who visited the camp in August, we are due to start the construction of watching towers and hides that would allow us to improve our bird sightings. With this we can expect an increase in the number of species we have at the moment, reaching more inaccessible areas and giving us more perspectives of the lagoon.

Turtle laying eggs

Frank also contributed new ideas regarding the crocodile farm as the facilities there have now improved dramatically thanks to the hard work of the volunteers. We are aiming to start new environmental education projects in the area, such as exhibitions and talks, and guided English tours given by our volunteers. Helping to educate the local people is an important step in conserving the crocodiles.

We also had a visit from UK member of staff, Faye Stickings and we hope she enjoyed her time with us. Finally, throughout August we had volunteers on our 2 Week Special programme join us at the camp. These volunteers are often younger and combine the usual conservation work with intensive Spanish lessons during their two weeks. Thanks to you all for your hard work.

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
August 2009
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