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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update May 2008

Staff handling a crocodile

As the year passes by the activities at the Tecoman Biological center are increasing day by day. The high season for the turtle Conservation program is practically around the corner, so the maintenance and equipment purchase is due to be in order as soon as possible.

Our outdoor specialist Roberto Loya, gave a talk in one of the local schools in "No trace" camping activities in order to create a positive environmental consciousness. This activity was taken seriously by the director of the school and is very likely it would be recommended for other schools. He described some very simple steps, or rules to minimize the impact a normal day out camping can cause.

Volunteers at the crocodile farm

At the Crocodile farm all is now ready for the nest collection in the lagoon area, and we have collected our first nest with 27 eggs! Armed only with a long cane and ropes, we took a small walk around the lagoon to identify the areas where the specie acutus or River Crocodile would start making their nests. The process of nest collection is quite similar to the Turtle program, as soon as you collect the nest, it is immediately buried in a designated area for monitoring, and we are expecting to be able to collect all the nests for this season, as budget has been designated for the Crocodile farm for the third part of 2008. We will be constructing new terrariums for the 2008 offspring, which will help the breeding program. The application for the release permits is also being processed and it is very likely that we will be able to release our 2006 and 2007 offspring at some point before this year is over.

At the Chupadero lagoon the new program to check water quality and environmental impact study is about to start. And as we carry on with our environmental study, the species list we will deliver is increasing day by day with new sightings!

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
May 2008
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