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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update July 2008

Turtle laying eggs by the corral

The high season for turtles is here! With massive rains, lots of turtles coming out every night, lots of people around to help, and the addition of a brand new Quad bike to our equipment, we can only hope to obtain really good results by the end of this year.

It is very interesting to notice how dramatically the environment around camp changes when the season's peak is here, the patrols increase and are more constant, the volunteers around take care of a lot of the work showing how responsible they are, as the staff have to get more and more involved with the night activities, by the end of August we are hoping to surpass last year's results for this date reaching over 650 nests collected, the addition of the new quad bike will be crucial to obtain these results.

Local staff with large crocodile

The activities at the crocodile farm have taken a new turn as at the moment the place is in constant development from the investment made by the Government in the place, the work is hard but satisfying at the same time, and the new crocodile offspring are soon to hatch any minute now. By making complete the population for the breeding studs that inhabit the aqua terrariums in the farm, we will be able to breed all the hatchlings that come out of the 20 nests we have been monitoring in our small corral.

Volunteer with baby crocodile

With the budget given by the government, one of the main goals is to create adequate spaces for the offspring we breed; areas have been given for the construction of 3 new aqua terrariums exclusively aimed to hold the newborns.

It is really satisfactory how dramatically the place has changed since the first time we arrived, it has gone from being an almost forgotten project to having the aim to be one of the most prolific breeding centers in Mexico.

It is remarkable how much our presence has influenced the changes in all the projects. There is still a lot to do, and a constant presence is essential, but we know that we are in the right path.

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
July 2008
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