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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update April 2008

Crocodile pen

By the end of the first trimester of the year, the activities at the Coastal conservation center have started to increase and the maintenance activities give the volunteers the opportunity to do some hard labor and at the same time join our conservation programs.

The activities at the crocodile farm have intensified as the mating season has already started. By catching several specimens we managed to find more females for our breeding studs, the task was not an easy one and it is difficult to determinate if the trapped specimen is a he or a she! By the end of the night, we could house two females in the pools with the males. Now it is a matter of wait and see the results that come out of the pairings.

Adult crocodile

From the biometric data gathered from our 2006 and 2007 offsprings, we have observed an amazing rate of growth showing in the 2007 specimens of more than a meter of length, and in our 2006 offspring specimens reaching as far as 35 cm. The construction and remodeling of the crocodile breeding center has been a success and the approval of more economic resources for the center assure all our work in the area, and leave us with much satisfaction!

At the Marine turtles conservation site we are finishing the last maintenance work before the high season starts, we are just waiting for the rains to come...then it's all go!

Measuring smaller crocodile

Our Biodiversity study of the Lagoon also has been giving some interesting results and now we can start to compare migration patterns and soon we will be able to send our results for the new environmental impact study that is going to take place in the lagoon. In addition we have been approached by the Environmental office in Colima regarding a new mangrove reforestation program, there is still a lot of logistics involved in order to start, but there is a much enthusiasm from both parties!

It has been a really interesting first part of the year, lot to do still though!

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
April 2008
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