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Conservation and Environment in Mexico: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2008

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update September 2008

Constant rain and strong winds are the main characteristics that tell us that the Sea Turtle high season is reaching its peak. We have now reached 1,500 nests collected, surpassing by far the number of nests that we collected this time last year. A very impressive achievement considering that at this point last year we only had collected 1,080 nests.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update July 2008

The high season for turtles is here! With massive rains, lots of turtles coming out every night, lots of people around to help, and the addition of a brand new Quad bike to our equipment, we can only hope to obtain really good results by the end of this year.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update May 2008

As the year passes by the activities at the Tecoman Biological center are increasing day by day. The high season for the turtle Conservation program is practically around the corner, so the maintenance and equipment purchase is due to be in order as soon as possible.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update April 2008

By the end of the first trimester of the year, the activities at the Coastal conservation center have started to increase and the maintenance activities give the volunteers the opportunity to do some hard labor and at the same time join our conservation programs.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update March 2008

As this year passes by, all our efforts focus on the maintenance of our equipment in order to be ready for the start of the high season for turtles. The patrols also remain constant as the presence must be kept in the area, even though the number of turtles coming out to lay eggs is low.

Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update January 2008

By the middle of the Leather Back season we are really proud to report the collection of 16 nests so far, and we have already released our first offspring of this season. We were pleased with the survival rate of the buried hatchlings and on Monday 4th February we had the opportunity to release around 45 small leatherback turtles!

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