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Conservation in Mexico - Monthly Update May 2007

Leatherback on route to the sea

The new high season for sea turtle arrival is here!

Everything is ready to start the new high season for patrolling the beaches of Tecoman.

With good results in the past two seasons, the Projects Abroad team along with CONANP (National Commission for Protected Natural Areas) are uniting our efforts to together raise significantly the results expected for this season. From 1,947 re-buried nests last year we hope this year to reach 2,500 nests!

Nevertheless this won't be an easy task, as the poachers activities continue, and the authority's patrols are more and more rare. It is imperative that our aims and desire stay strong and we continue all our good work.

Leatherback hatchling

The weather conditions will play a large role in our results, as it has been anticipated that it could be one of the most intense Hurricane seasons. This is not something the volunteers need to worry about, we will always have plans in place to move from the camp if a hurricane is due to hit, but this can obviously sometimes disrupt the work.

Alice releasing hatchlings

But these are factors we always have to consider, and everything looks good for this to be one of the most successful sea turtles seasons in which Projects Abroad has participated!

Oliver Garcia
Conservation Director
May, 2007
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